3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out Particleboard Cabinets

Is particleboard always “junk?”

We get asked this question a lot, and the short answer is: “Definitely not.”

We know you’re thinking, “But, I have seen particleboard that has literally fallen apart before my eyes!”

Yep, same here. We aren’t trying to convince you to buy cabinets made from that (because we wouldn’t want to either!). What we want to do is dispel the myth that particleboard is always “bad” when, in fact, there are different grades of particleboard. Some of it is quality, furniture-level stuff that experienced artisans prefer over other materials.

lalapinWith that said, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t automatically rule out cabinets made from particleboard.

1. Particleboard can be just as water-resistant as plywood

You’ve heard that plywood is water-resistant, but don’t take that to mean you should pack it on your next scuba trip and have no problems ????. The truth is, if you have a massive leak or water that sets for an extended time in your cabinets, you’re going to have some damage no matter if they are made from plywood or particleboard. Particleboard cabinets made by a high-quality manufacturer will have a water-resistant seal added to them, making them just as safe among minor leaks and regular contact with water as other cabinet materials.

2. Particleboard won’t warp

You read that correctly! Particleboard does not warp. This is so important, especially when it comes to your cabinet doors that have little holding them in place and are prone to natural warping reasonably quickly. You want a solid material that will be able to hold its shape for your cabinets. High-quality particleboard can do just that.

3. Particleboard creates a reliable, even product

A big reason why builders prefer quality particleboard is because it’s easy to work with and stays even across the board. This means you won’t have wonky measurements or uneven surfaces. It is straight (remember the no warping thing!), consistent, and an excellent choice for putting together a well-crafted cabinet.


Don’t only look at the material of your cabinets when remodeling your kitchen. Instead, look into the manufacturer and the quality of materials they use. Not all particleboards and plywoods are the same grade. Some are better than others, and you want your cabinets to be made with the durable, long-lasting kind. If you’re curious to learn more about cabinet materials, check out some of these articles: 

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