Another Update for our Current Used Cabinet Stock! | 7/18/2019

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you guys another update on what we’ve got in stock. As usual, we’re super full, and I think we’ve reached a new average of about 20 kitchens on the site. There’s tons of inventory, and some of it is still in the homes they’re from, and although we’re selling things at a little higher rate, we still have stuff set up in our old storage shop.

I wanted to talk about some of the sets we have, starting with the Beautiful Knotty Alder Kitchen (G4). This one has been generating a fair amount of interest, as you can expect, since its an absolutely gorgeous kitchen. It seems to be in nearly new condition. There are dovetailed drawers in the island, everything is soft-close, the knotty alder finish is beautiful, and there’s a glass-fronted upper in the corner. The appliances come along with it, and the granite countertops are stunning. As I’ve been mentioning, we’ve been doing a much better job getting the countertops off with an angle grinder on the seams, and popping the slabs off that way has been working pretty well. We’ve been getting the countertops out mostly intact from a majority of our kitchens, but it is sometimes pretty difficult, like when the stone is still on top of MDF. When the slabs are right on top of the cabinets, it is much easier. It’s a really nice set up here, and its the kind of kitchen people are putting in right now, not taking out. So yeah, it’s really an amazing deal.

We recently got the Kitchen, Dining Room, Desk Area, and Mudroom Cherry Cabinets (D8) in, it’s an absolutely gigantic set, with 50-some pieces. The countertops came out mostly well, except for the island, where there are multiple pieces now, cracked right by the sink. The edge of that island piece is twice as thick, and it’s like a live edge. It’s all rough like the face of a cliff or something, and it’s really cool. We’ve actually gotten a couple of sets like that in recently, and it’s pretty awesome. The faucet by itself is actually around a thousand dollars. We’re getting the paneled refrigerator with this set as well, which is something I wasn’t expecting. There’s a lot of glass uppers, the hardware is beautiful, and it’s a really high end set of cabinets with stone tops for just under ten thousand dollars.

We just uninstalled the Shaker Maple Kitchen Cabinet Set (B5) recently down in the Denver area. This is another one that has a lot of the upgrades that people are going to like, including all soft-close drawers. These are some really nice cabinets, with dovetailed drawers, soft-close, and the island is absolutely gorgeous. The countertop came off cleanly, so there’s another one where the countertop should be ready to go. We have all the appliances with it and just an amazing package. The ad will also be changing pretty soon since the package will include the vanities, which don’t come out until November.

I’ve talked about the Gigantic Dark Cherry (Orange 95) from time to time, I’ll probably talk about it more next time, but I want someone to snatch this kitchen up so badly. Of course, it’s nice for us when somebody buys anything, but this one is huge, first of all, and they’re such high-end cabinets. I know its hard for people to see that, since the pictures aren’t the greatest, and the style is a little different, but this is about a hundred to two hundred thousand dollars worth of cabinets. They’re absolutely the top of the line, and we’ve made them very affordable. If you’re looking for anything like this, I would push this one for you above anything. The intricate detail of it really sets it apart from anything else. Without saying any more, that one is just an amazing set.

A lot of these I could talk about for a while, but I want to make note of the Nearly New 20k Kitchen Package (A6) especially. We had this big package for quite a bit, initially, it was still in the home but it’s now in the shop. We’re trying to sell it for half of retail since it was almost new, and that didn’t happen since the owners ended up doing a cash-out option, so they already got their money from it. Obviously, I want to get that money back again, so we took the price down fairly significantly. We have since sold the appliances, but the quartz tops came out perfectly. This is another one with all the upgrades- dovetailed, soft-close, it’s a beautiful kitchen, the hardware is gorgeous, and all for $4950. There are a really nice sink and faucet, and its really a great package.

The Dark-Cherry Maple (E2) is another one that I’m especially partial to. The reason for it with this set is that they’re extremely well-made cabinets. There are thick, hardwood boxes, the interiors look they’ve barely ever been used, and every cabinet has some upgrade to it. There are glass doors, all the bases have rollout trays, you have a pantry with gigantic rollout trays, another pantry that has shelves that rotate out, beadboard around the island, a trash pullout, a contrasting island, the tall uppers, the detailed hardware, two corners (something that not many of our sets have, and I know many of you are looking for corners), a lot of drawers. So yeah, this set has about everything. As far as quality, it really doesn’t get much better or cleaner than this. It would be a shame just to look this one over, as it’s really a nice set of cabinets.

For the sake of time, we’re just going to mention a couple more. One is the Brand New Softclose Distressed Alder Kitchen (G3). This one has a lot of upgrades as well, and it’s one of the sets that have the live edge stone tops. They’re gorgeous, and they came out perfectly. The Dark-Stained Knotty Alder finish on this is beautiful, but you’ve got tall uppers, and it really is a full kitchen. You’ll notice that it has upgrades to about everything- oversized drawers, a double trash pullout, rollout trays, a slide-in-and-out tray for pans, an oversized spice rack pullout, some drawers have multiple levels, there’s a spot for knives that has a cutting board right on top of it, and a cabinet with two layers of trays for all your utensils. Additional things include plywood boxes, dovetailed, soft-close, nice hardware, pewter pulls and knobs, corner cabinets, and its a really gorgeous set. It’s affordable, the cabinets are basically new, only been in a showroom, and overall just an amazing set.

We’ve had a couple of people interested in the Mahogany Maple Kitchen (D6), it’s a good-sized affordable set with tall uppers, and appliances as well. So let us know if you’re interested in that one.

One of the benefits of grabbing something as we’re uninstalling it is first, that there’s less moving of things, secondly, it may be less driving for you- This is down in the Denver area, so if you’re down there as well, and instead of us taking it all the way back to Loveland, you could get it right there and that saves you time and gas, and finally, if we deliver it right when it comes out then you can potentially have free delivery as well.

I think we can end with the Showroom Dark Shaker Style Vanity and Dresser Cabinets (G1). The pictures of this are really not great since this was one of the things that were thrown at us, and we really don’t have the space to set it up nicely. It looks like it’s from a showroom and its very high end. You have an oversized double vanity with drawer stacks,  its all soft-close, and its a beautiful, durable wood grain grey finish. You have a nice tall upper that stands in the middle, with two upper drawers right under that, and then you have this nice matching dresser as well. There’s a ton of drawers in that dresser cabinet, so you have a really nice matching pair with this set up in really good condition and very high quality.

I’ll leave it at that, as always we’ve got a lot of nice stuff in right now and we’re always looking for great affordable kitchens for you and to keep these things out of the dump. As always, thank you for watching, and we’ll talk to you soon.