Become A Supplier


1) In our “Moneymaker” and “Middle Ground” options, although we do not offer Cabinet Removal and Storage services, we do have some ideas to help the Supplier get rid of the set if it’s not sold by the time it is taken out. However, the Supplier would relinquish any right to payment at that point. Alternatively, the Supplier can store their set on their own and marketing can be continued.

2) Please note that although compensation percentages will not change for “Moneymaker” and “Middle Ground” options, the compensation amount may change if the final sale price changes. “Carefree” compensation is a guaranteed flat amount equivalent to roughly 20% of the original price evaluation.

3) These divisions are not all available in all areas, and not all kitchens qualify for each division. Please understand that we may only offer you one or two of these divisions as options for repurposing your set.