Become A Supplier


1) “Private Vendors” are responsible for the cabinet removal. Under certain conditions, we offer free professional cabinet removal for Partners. We do not offer set storage for “Private Vendors”, but can offer storage for “Partners” depending on location. Contact us to see if it’s available in your area.

2) Although we do not offer cabinet removal and storage services, we do have a few ideas to help the Supplier get rid of the set if it’s not sold by the time it is taken out. Contact us to hear what options you have. Alternatively, the Supplier can store their set on their own and marketing can be continued.

3) Please note that although compensation percentages will not change, the compensation amount may change if the final sale price changes. The Supplier will have the chance to approve any price changes before they occur.

4) These recycling options are not available in all areas and not all kitchens qualify. Please understand your kitchen may not fit with one or either recycling option.