10/4/2018 Update | Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry

Hello everybody, this is Ben from Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry. I wanted to do another video for you, and this one's gonna be on another one of the BEAUTIFUL sets that we have gotten in. I made a video when it was still installed in the house, that 2.3 million dollar house that we got all of this from in Westminster. We actually have it now, in the shop, and I wanted to show it to you all together so you can see a little bit better What we have. 

So as you can see, we have these really tall cabinets, and those came from a butler's pantry area, and Noah's going to give you a view of the whole length of them. We start off with the tall pantries with the beautiful glass uppers. There's even some glass on the side there, and we see the beautiful doors, and how nice this all looks. When he opens all of this up, you're gonna see that there's no shelves in, and it looks like they took the shelves out, but we did get all of the shelves. Now when he opens the bases, you will see the shelves, however. What these were, they were wooden shelves with glass inserts, so that the light from the top could shine down, and you're gonna see that in another cabinet. Now as I mentioned before, it really doesn't get any more high-end than this, and it's hard to believe that with this set, how many add-ons there were, that they would get rid of this. You can see again that they're so customized and antiqued, distressed, the ornate door design, the handloes, and the pulls are all super ornate. The fact that they're inset. I believe that they're plywood, and inset cabinets are super expensive to make. He's gonna pull open just about every single drawer that there is, and I want you to take note as he goes through. There's no staining in the drawers, no gunk at the bottom, a be uninstalled, but that is a fairly easy thing to fix. There's a beautiful spice rack that I know that everybody loves. This really is in nearly new condition. You also will see some shelves that go in other cabinets.

There's some really custom pieces, and it looks like a brand-new, $150,000 kitchen set. It's pretty hard to believe. And, I believe that every single one of the bases that is accessible has pullouts, and is dovetailed, soft-close, and even some of the uppers have some pretty cool stuff. As he shows some of these close-ups, notice all the detail. The style, the glazing, and the distressing. Here's a base, with some smaller roll outs. I'll mention, that the sink base, and the cooktop base have been dismantled tog around the corner. We have this listed in the website as $20,000 but it really is, I'm pretty sure, a $150,000 set. we are possibly looking into splitting it up, since, you all know, that we are always tight on space, and this one is taking up a lot of space. Look at the built-ins on that one. Look at how good the glides look on this, and the detailing on the glass doors. If you're looking for a super high-end set, that no one's ever seen before, this definitely ticks all the boxes. I think this is pretty cool, there's some pretty tiny drawers. Now, usually when you have all of these tiny drawers, it doesn't get too much in the way of the drawer glides. Not so with this, you still have the dovetail, the soft-close and everything else. Everything is top-notch. They didn't forget anything in this set. I wanted to mention, that we have a sale going for quartz tops this week. Obviously, you'd need to think about counter tops when you get new cabinets, and we have a sale going on. We are giving a deal, where you guys are given dealer pricing on counter tops, so we won't make a dime on this. We are only charging you what you will pay for the tops. There's those glass lights, and a double trash pullout. There's a lot of details that you will never see in your standard kitchen. Here's that really big drawer base. Three tiny drawers on the top, maybe for utensils, and two bigger drawers at the bottom for anything else. Look at those handles! They're extremely detailed. We have a lot of tops, you have $28 per square foot. There's a lot to choose from. Like I said before, we aren't making anything off of this, we just want to see what the dealer pricing will look like and how many sales we can get off of it. I'm hoping it can be a great sale. Just let us know how we can help.

Notice that this is a huge set, as Noah gives us one more look. This set came from five different places. Once again, let us know, and we can look into splitting it up. This set came from a kitchen, a chef's kitchen, a butler's pantry, the entryway, and a fifth little area with a whole bunch of little. We were originally going to just sell it as one big set, but we really can't see how anyone would need that many different cabinets, and at such a high dollar, so we are selling it as different sets. We understand it would be easier. But if we need to, we will break it up. Let us know if you are interested in anything of splitting it. We also have the vanities, not shown in this video. They're dark, with these huge pillars on the side, that pull out like spice racks. They're like those shelves in the video, with the stone tops still intact, that we are selling for free. His/hers vanities, that no one will ever have. This is the highest-end set that we've ever had, and it doesn't get any higher than this. Let us know if you are interested, and thanks as always.