12/15/2018 Update- What's new at Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry?

   Hey everybody, this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. I wanted to give you guys another update on what we’ve got in the shop, since we’ve got some nice pieces in here right now. I wanted to do a quick walk-around of the shop, since most of the recent update videos have been of pictures on the computer.

   Let’s start with this pretty unique and cool vanity that we got from a showroom. We have it at $1250, and it comes ready to go. Features include the two flanking drawer bases, most of the drawers and doors are soft close, dovetailed drawers, good construction, euro-style design, oversized brushed nickel appliance pulls, a nice aqua top with a peculiar sink drain design, frosted glass fronted uppers, lift-up doors, and an altogether sleek and modern look. The vanity is about 6 feet wide.

   We have another showroom set in right now as well, this time an office set without any full height base cabinets. The desk height base cabinets have filing drawers, and the cabinets have really nice construction, a little antiquing and distressing on their faces, some sweet designs on the cup hardware and the pulls as well, and finally, some rope accents on the edges of the pantry, which also has some beefy pullouts installed inside, and those accents are also on the corner wall cabinet. This set is available for $1450 right now.

   Here’s another showroom set that we’ve had for a little bit that’s in like new condition. There are four very nice rollout trays in the pantry cabinet, all of which are soft-close. It has shaker style door design, a kind of rustic walnut finish on the cabinets, frosted glass paneled uppers, some wine bottle holder pieces, a microwave insert cabinet, a sweet drawer base and one with some really nice pullouts with inserts.

   We also installed this little organizational unit in the corner in the showroom, which is something that we’ve needed for quite a while now.

   Here’s another set that is going to be really cheap but should give you a ton of bang for your buck. We’ll probably post it for around $500 just to give you an idea, but there are a bunch of cabinets and appliances that you should be able to put to good use.

   Here’s another set that we’ve had for a while but isn’t set up very well. There are some really cool features though, like a toe-kick drawer underneath a drawer base cabinet, an interestingly designed lazy susan corner base, a low base meant for a professional range, and some charcoal upper shelves with beautiful accenting on them.  

  We have this small island cabinet set in too, but we’re kind of waiting on a countertop for it so we can sell it as a complete set. However, if any of you are interested in working on it as it is, just let us now and we can work something out.

   Also, up for auction is this decently sized light maple set that would be perfect for painting. There are close to around 20 pieces in the set, and bidding should only be around $600 right now. Keep a look out for this one as we start to wrap up this weeks’ auctions.

   Here’s another small showroom piece that comes with some interesting features. It has a sort of copper top and lift-up doors and would be a great little piece to put in an office space.

   Here’s another set up for auction, this time an oak set in good condition. It has some tall uppers, some nice drawer bases, and a double oven cabinet. It’s a sturdy set that would last quite a bit and would be a great pickup if you’re on a budget.

   We have another maple shaker kitchen cabinet set that’s not quite on the website yet. It has some peculiar hardware, but they could be pretty easily swapped out for some nice oversized appliance pulls or something. There are a bunch of drawer bases, and a couple base cabinets have pullout trays in them as well. Additional features include a lazy susan, glass paneled uppers, a pantry cabinet, double oven cabinet, and the nice, clean shaker maple look.

   We have one more maple shaker set that has quite a few cabinets included, and it should have some nice new dark hardware on it. It’s up on the website right now for $650.

   Here's one of the other ones; it's up for auction right now.  It has nice tall uppers, and the pantry has rollout trays. We have a lot of sets with pantry rollout trays right now which is great. There’s a good-sized base, and again this one is a shaker, even though it has a little smaller of a rail. But these are some nice shaker cabinets in a dark finish and again this one should be just a few hundred bucks on the auction right now.

   Alright, we’re almost done. Here’s a nice, beautiful, natural cherry set with a lot of pieces some nice glass uppers, and drawer bases. The pullouts look like they're in good condition, and the cabinets are made by Decora. The set has dovetailed drawers and has some good quality cabinets. It is up for $2350 on our website now.

   Here’s the final set that I wanted to especially call your attention to. I think this is an awesome deal for what do you guys out there and really wanted to make sure everybody understood the situation We got this set from the people who ordered the kitchen from cabinets.com for over fifteen thousand dollars. They got them, and it turned out they wanted something else- a different color or something. So, these cabinets are literally brand new- We had to unbox them to set them up. The other thing about this that is so amazing is the fact that if the people we got them from just went on the website to order it, that means that's it is so easy for you to get more pieces! You can very easily make this fit to any configuration. We had some nice stainless appliances sitting around too- the range does need a little repair on the top, but we can throw that in for some extra value. There’s a KitchenAid brand drawer dishwasher, a nice big microwave, and a cool looking range as well. Even with those included in the price, we’re only at about forty percent of the retail price. We’ve got two pantries here with rollout trays, and you wouldn't believe how expensive these cabinets alone- each of these pantries alone is a couple thousand dollars. If you want to fit this into your space, you probably have most of the expensive pieces. The set is very updated as well- it has soft-close, dovetailing, plywood boxes, a trashcan pullout, nice hardware, and some extra pieces and trim.

   The last thing I wanted to mention over here we have staff some of our brand-new white shaker cabinets we are going to start. We're going to start doing auctions on these. I guess the big thing is that so many people are looking for the white shaker and I think we have a good product where we can get it to you at an affordable price. So, we got a set in and I think will work on that this next week or two. You’ll be bidding on a brand-new set of cabinets and you'll be getting the hardware along with it. The beautiful thing about this is that we're going to make a customizable- let’s say you win a kitchen of these brand-new shaker cabinets for $3500. However, you're going to use about you're only going to use thirteen out of the fifteen pieces. We can then take the $3500 and divide it by fifteen so figure out what you were paying per piece, and you can get a discount for the two pieces that you didn't end up needing. So, we're making it an auction on a specific set but then you can customize it to your space. I think it's going be a really cool little program. We'll see how it goes, it’s kind of a different idea but I think it really makes for a win-win for everybody.

   Alex is working on another set in the back that has some really nice appliances. There’s a really nice fridge with French doors and bottom freezer drawers, so be on the lookout for that one. We’ll always keep you updated on everything we’ve got- let us know if you're interested anything.

   I'll talk to you next time! Thanks, and bye.