9/7/2018 Update Blog | Huge set coming in soon!

Hey everybody, it's Ben over here at Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry, and I'm going to show you this new set that we are about to get in. This is a massive set coming from Westminster, and the picture is the picture of the house that this set came from. The owner said that you can't get any better cabinets, and I couldn't agree more, these are about as custom-made as you get! So this set comes from these people in Westminster, and they just bought the house for about $2.3 million, and it's about 10,000 square feet. The owners were nice enough to let Noah in and take some pictures and videos, and we're just gonna dive straight in to the first video. 

So when we start out, we are in the kitchen, huge room, and we see the massive island. Unfortunately, we didn't get the island, they are going to keep that. Then Noah walks over to the chef's kitchen, not even a main kitchen, but a chef's kitchen! See if you could grasp this: This is the size of most people's kitchens, but this is just the smaller kitchen that isn't "that big"! He turns, and there's a bar area where you can get a peek into the main kitchen. Like I said before, these sets aren't even normal, they have every add-on that is possibly imaginable! You've got soft-close drawers, and pull-outs everywhere imaginable, the dovetailing of course, and the brand is Habersham. I want you just to realize, as he goes through this, just look at all the details, and see how custom-made this set is. I mean, look at the detailed, intricate hardware that there is, you even have upper-cabinet drawers! 

We are going to try to keep the counter tops looking nice, keep them in one piece. Actually, they are having a contractor take off the counters, so we just have to load them. They are beautiful counter tops, and a gorgeous granite. The appliances are staying, but even from here you can see just how many there are! 

So now, Noah's in the main kitchen space, and he just came out of the chef's space, and we can see how many cabinets there really are. And, you may have already noticed that there were uppers that had glass doors. There is cabinet lighting, and lots of corbels with the corners. Spice rack pull-outs, and if you look at the door, they're distressed, antiqued, and you can see just about every add-on possible. The hardware is super high-end also. If you are looking for the highest of the most high-end cabinets, these are the ones you are going to look for. These are pretty much the cabinets that no one else has. There is the most ornate design on the glass doors, and it certainly gives your kitchen set your own touch. 

These are all in like-new condition, but of course you are going to expect some things, like holes in a sink base, and other things like that. There's roll-out trays everywhere you look. You're able to tell that they've been used a little bit, because of the things that are in the uppers. 

Now I wanted to show you some of the video of the his and hers bathroom. I wanted to show you these pillars on the side, they pull out like spice racks, it is so cool, and ornate! 

Alright, that's where I'm going to end it! Thanks for your guys' support, and I look forward for getting this set up and ready!