Cabinet set update.

Alright everybody got another update for you over here at Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry. I'm on the Current Stock Page of the Website and I wanted to show you some of the things that we got in I know these videos have been rather irregular lately, I'm really trying to get us on a schedule of twice a week, now that we're getting into the school year, and we're starting to finish things off over at the new showroom. We're still trying to catch up, to be honest, but we're getting there, and I'm really hopeful we can get on a better schedule with some of the updates for you guys. So I thought I'd look over the website with you, show you some of the things that we have available then I'll end with a really nice one that we've got coming in the next few days. So, some of the things you're gonna see you've already seen and some new ones as well. 

So we have the Dark Showroom Bamboo one, I want to mention this one again, just because it's such a nice kitchen, and we are selling it so affordably. For those of you looking for that more modern look, this is really that kind of thing, it's a showroom, it's soft close, very high-quality, nice cabinets. You know, it's interesting, I know that a lot of you out there from our customer base email list, are looking for a more traditional look than the slab doors, I go to so many showrooms down in the Denver area, though, and they just can hardly believe me when I tell them that most of my customer base isn't looking for the slab look. Now I know some of you are, ad have asked me about that, but I think it's safe to say that the majority of you would lean towards something more traditional, maybe a look like your raised panel, or your shaker, or something like that, as opposed to the slab doors. But over in the Denver area, they tell me that this is what's hot right now. And I go into showrooms and it's obvious because they're filling up their showrooms with this stuff. So it's kind of interesting how this works, I know that a lot of you actually do come from Denver, but for whatever reason the Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry customers so far, there's not a huge group of them interested in that, but it's definitely in-style out there when you go into the showrooms you see that. So we just moved the price down a couple hundred on this one, we are at $2,550, so a very affordable, high-quality kitchen. 

Moving over here, we have the Antiqued Showroom Venthood Display, this display is awesome, because it's super specialty, distressed, antiqued, glazed, it's very high quality construction, soft-close again, 4 different spice rack type pullouts. And we have this one at $2,350. 

Over here we have another large kitchen, this one is a little bit of a Hodge podge, just because there is a double vanity cabinet mixed in there, drawer base, drawer stack, and two sink bases that would flank it. And it's very slightly different style than the kitchen cabinets, but it's very close to the same, so you might be able to put it in and not notice, but it is very close. There is also a shaker style cabinet set like this. Most of them are raised panel, the finish is nice, and I like the look, but I can't remember if it's maple, or what it is.

Moving down, here is a set that just posted (unfortunately, the set sold before I was able to publish the video). 

We got a knotty alder bar from this guy, and we were going to get the whole kitchen set, but it was 50 cabinets, AMAZING custom setup. Problem was we found out it had been refaced. when a cabinet has been refaced, it is very difficult to use it as separate cabinets. However, the two little bar setups aren't refaced. they were put in at the same time as the set. Now the fridge, we'll have to figure out if the fridge is included or not, but for now, both bars are available. 

Wanted to mention the Viking range cooktop, brand new, just got it from a company who had it in storage, and just didn't end up using it, and they offered it to us. 

We just put the small dark maple set w/ extra tall wall cabinets down, it is now $995. We thought why not just plunge it down, it'll sell quicker. 

Moving on to another showroom set we have, very similar to the bamboo, very similar look to the dark bamboo. Great quality, the pantry has pullout trays that are, I believe 

We got a white set, but unfortunately, this set sold before we were able to upload the video. 

I know this one is one that everyone will be excited about. From a very high end neighborhood, Cherry Creek Village. Guard house, with Guard at the door. The brand is Medallion, and they are shaker style, which is just beautiful, since they are in, and they are easy to replicate. So the cabinet manufacture would be able to make you another. They are soft- close, dovetailed with corner cabinets, with tons of possibilities. The island is still intact, and still have other pieces, lots of drawers, nice big drawer base, and some bathroom vanities. There's a little butler's cabinet, and there's probably 35 cabinets. This set will be within the $5-6,000 range, and it just meets so many of the requirements fof you guys, and we should have it available in the next couple of days. 

Thank you all for your business, it means so much!!