The Shop is SUPER Full as we Move Into Our New Place!

Hello everybody, this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. I wanted to give you guys another update, and I’m sorry I haven’t had much in the way of update videos lately. The last couple I have had have been pretty short and not very well done, so I apologize for that. We’re just trying to get a lot done in a short period of time here.

Anyway, the shop is very, very full, which really is pretty typical. It’s maybe even a little extra full right now, as we prepare to move over to our new shop.

I wanted to tell you guys first about some doors that we got from a gigantic house in Boulder. These doors are really nice- (We also have the front door packages that came with the front door), and some of the doors we have are sliding or glass doors. There is a lot of money in these doors, and we are selling them for $1950. Please let us know if you are interested in them. We should have had an ad on the website a while ago, but a lot of stuff has been going on.

Secondly we have some good apartment cabinets for $795. We also have a lot of stripped apartment cabinets that are ready to be painted. You could put them in a garage, a rental, laundry room, craft room, etc. You could get a lot for your money for $395 per stripped apartment cabinet set, each of which comes with about 12 cabinets.

Moving on, we have a beautiful white cabinet set. It costs $1,150 dollars. They’re put together very nicely, and they are in great shape, with the faces showing very little wear.

To continue, we have a very big maple set w/ plywood doors and extra tall uppers. You can buy this set for $2,250.

In that same price range, we have an amazing distressed antiqued showroom set with hand carved corbels and spice rack pullouts. This set has very custom pieces. We also have another showroom set that isn’t on the shop with under cabinet lighting and soft close doors for $895.

Our next set was generously donated by a friend, and we uninstalled it for them. This set is a beautiful knotty alder island. The countertop is made of granite. The set has, I think, seven cabinets, and one of them houses a trash can pullout.

To continue, and I don’t know whether this is on the online shop or not, we have a dovetailed Kitchen Craft set with soft-close drawers. This set came from a showroom around the Denver area.

Another set from that showroom is a black set with brushed nickel hardware and a Caesar Stone top. We also have a desk with expensive metal hardware.

Next, we have a knotty birch set that I’m surprised hasn’t sold yet. It has some nice appliances and dovetailed drawers. You can buy it with the appliances for $2,850 and without for  $1,995

We have another knotty birch cabinet that we are setting up, and plenty of other cabinets.

We have a lot of stuff here, and we are full to the brim with cabinet sets. The shop also has some stuff I can’t really show you, so  I will try to keep you updated. Goodbye, and thank you!