Update Video | Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry

Good morning, everybody. This is Ben again, with Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry. I'm making this video on Saturday morning. I know that we've been getting a whole lot of questions lately about what has been happening lately, since we got a whole bunch of sets in from a showroom, and we are trying to let you know what is available, but we've been trying really hard to get all of the sets with the info and sizes up as quickly as possible. So in that case, I just decided why not make a video as an update for what we've got in our showroom. I'm going to be going around the showroom showing you what we have, in hopes that we get some stuff sold today. 

Right off the bat, we see a nice black island, a beautiful black island. Oh, and by the way, if not all, most of the items I show you are going to be dovetailed and soft-close. Super high-end stuff. This island is no exception. It's a huge island, and it's got a beautifully curved back, and we do sell quartz tops, and we could get you an estimate for a quartz top that we could add to it. Our little countertop sample display is right in our lobby, and you can pick out anything from there. I'm going to go around and show you some of the features in this island. We've got some really beautiful hardware on this, some oversized drawer bases, once again this is from a showroom, and there's hardly going to be any defects or dings, maybe a couple scratches, but they've barely been opened. There's a trashcan pullout, and here, there's another pullout, some wine racks on both corners, and, once again, the curved back.

This one just has a whole bunch of add-ons. It's not set up in a very flattering way, unfortunately, but this is a whole kitchen. That is upside down, and we have some flanking open shelving, and some contrasting bases. There's a pretty nice L-shaped kitchen for any of you who want it. This, I believe was the apron sink base. First, we see the furniture legs, super nice, and we lift this, and see a pullout, with a cutting board on the top. We open this door and see a pullout from a blind corner. The hardware is extremely expensive. This is cool, you have your utensils, and you have one level, then you have two levels! Both of these drawers have a pullout, so you have extra space, then they have drawers underneath, where the toe-kick would be. A really nice kitchen, with tons of upgrades.

This is a shaker set, and just remember that shaker is really easy to make. You can just find some small cabinet shop and ask them to make it. This is an office one with some beautiful cabinets. Nice hardware, with some really nice cabinets.

This one is a really nice kitchen that we are selling for $2,950. You guys will really like this one. It has white uppers with contrasting bases. Beautiful antiqued white uppers, with some really beautiful hardware, with the hammered effect. There's a trash pullout. There are a nice bit cabinets for you. You guys are really set up with this set. I'm really excited about this one. Maybe you guys would want to add another upper, or some floating shelves.

I really like this one. You have a pantry, and we have a top for this one. You have the top. set up for an apron sink, the pantry has rollout trays, a really nice furniture look to it. This is a mixing station, you can pull it out, and unlatch it, you pull it and the whole thing comes out. You can just take the whole thing out for no heavy lifting. 

Coming around to this one, this one, the showroom said is super popular in Denver, as the inner city, with the apartments, super shiny enameled look with it.   This one has so many upgrades, look at that beautiful shiny cabinet pull. Here's another large drawer, with a drawer pullout, again you have lots of space for it. There's another really big pullout. There is another one of those awesome pullouts. You can access the second row, and you are totally using the space in the blind corner. 

Keep moving, we have another shaker set, and again there are multiple upgrades. There are three pantries, this first one has a spice rack pullout, the second is a double oven pantry, and the third is a pantry with five rollouts inside. There are also lift-up doors with the set, with glass doors. There's also a double trash can pullout. Now I know lots of you are looking for that farmhouse or apron sink, and this one again has the apron sink base. In this showroom, they had a lot of these sets. Look at the hardware, super pricey. $2750 for a really nice kitchen. 

Now, this is a really cool island, there are super unique legs on it, and there's supposed to be another cabinet with it, it's supposed to look a lot bigger than this. We'll have to talk to Noah about that. There are a lot of drawers, and this is a super pricey setup since it's all drawers, that's all of it. 

Looking over here, we have some smaller displays. First, we have a really nice oversized set, with lots of uppers, and some really nice bronze pulls. A nice bit of bases, also. $1250 for a set like this.

Over here we have $795 for a smaller set of dark cabinets. These are really nice and have a really robust shape to them. Maybe it's the hardware that gives it that really nice modern look to it, against the dark set. You have lots of drawers, and soft-close once again. This one is set up for lots of office work.

I was really excited to show you this island, unfortunately, it is not set up correctly. This is a really cool island, and the top could have a new finished to it. It has a curved base and lots of upgrades. Nice hardware, and it's really cool. I was really excited to show it to you.

We have a little setup, this one is cream, shaker, you have the file cabinet there, and beautiful hardware. I'll just leave it at that.

We have some really pretty cream sets, and I think it's really cool. We have some really pretty glass uppers and some really cool hardware. there's some under cabinet lighting, and huge bases for storage, and some upper drawers. This setup is antiqued and is 1995 really beautifully put together. 

That's about it, except for these vanities, and they're really cool, lots of drawers and space. It's shaker style and really nice vanities. We got the granite, and they're matching his/hers.

This is the huge kitchen and I'll have to make another video about it, but the detailing is really amazing. I've never seen a set like this. 

Here's a really cool vanity, it isn't even on the website yet, but tell me what you think of this, but this is the last thing, and I really like the color on this! These are some amazing drawer bases, just look at the color of these. 

Here's some more amazing his/her vanities, from the same house as that amazing set of cabinets. They are so intricate, and they are very pretty. 

Thanks guys for your support, and your service!