Buyers Purchasing From Limited Partners

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely interested in purchasing a cabinet set from what we call a Limited Partner. We never want you to be surprised once you receive the cabinets, so we have compiled an overview of what to expect when purchasing from a Limited Partner.

Not a reader? No problem! You can listen and learn what to expect when purchasing from a Limited Partner.

When you see that a set is listed by a Limited Partner, what that means is that Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry coordinates the sale of the cabinet with the Limited Partner. Ben’s is responsible for the marketing of the cabinet, photos, measurements, pricing, customer coordination and communication, quality control, in-home viewings, and handling any issues that arise.

So what does the Limited Partner provide?

Cabinet Removal:
The Limited Partner is in charge of uninstalling the kitchen cabinets and coordinating the pickup or delivery with you. While you should expect some minor damages will occur during the uninstall, we will have a Ben’s team member making sure everything is accounted for and prepping it for delivery or pickup.

Cabinet Storage:
The cabinets most likely will be in the supplier’s home or property, as we do not store the sets. The sets are fully in the hands of the supplier and all coordination of the set is through them if you would like to veiw the set before purchasing.