Buyers Purchasing From Private Vendors

If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in purchasing a cabinet set from what we call a Private Vendor. We never want you to be surprised once you receive the cabinets, so we have compiled an overview of what to expect when purchasing from a Private Vendor.

When you see that a set is listed by a Private Vendor, what that means is that Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry is only providing the photos, services of making an ad for that kitchen, and marketing that kitchen. That’s it. We are simply enabling individuals to recycle and sell their used kitchen cabinets anywhere in the country.

So what does the Private Vendor provide?

Any measurements provided in the product listing are provided by the Private Vendor. We are not responsible for any incorrect measurements.

Cabinet Removal:
The Private Vendor is in charge of uninstalling the kitchen cabinets and coordinating the pickup or delivery with you. While you should expect some minor damages will occur during the uninstall, we cannot ensure the quality of the cabinet removal. We also cannot ensure that the supplier will number, mark, or distinguish parts of the cabinets for easy re-install on your end. To ensure cabinets are marked appropriately and that all pieces are accounted for, you can always reach out to us and we can connect you with the supplier to see if you can be there during the removal process, potentially uninstall the cabinets yourself, or hire your own crew to be in charge of the cabinet removal. This is something you and the supplier will need to coordinate once connected.

In-Home Viewing:
If you would like to see the cabinets in person before making your purchase, reach out to us and we can connect you with the seller directly to see if this is a possibility.

Cabinet Storage:
The cabinets most likely will be in the supplier’s home or property. We do not store the sets or have any direct contact with them. The sets are fully in the hands of the supplier and all coordination of the set is through them once we connect you with the supplier.

Keep in mind! As the buyer, you are going to have to take control of the situation here as much as the supplier will allow to ensure quality and accuracy of the product and information.