Dozens of Five Star Client Reviews


The cabinets I purchased from Ben are fantastic. We haven’t installed them yet but had a great experience with him and his staff picking them up and loading. This is about our third house remodel and I will remember this in future projects.

Elaine Leibbrandt

Bought all my kitchen cabinets from Ben and I would do it again. Amazing quality and price.

Fred Garcia

As a contractor Ben has helped us save money and time. He will come and remove the existing cabinets and will haul them away at no charge! If you are a contractor or homeowner I would recommend giving Ben a call.

G2 Built

Great prices for quality cabinets and appliances. The owner is honest and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Squid Amigo

I’m working with Ben until I find the right set for my new home. Ben was very generous with his time and the sets I have physically seen are even nicer than they show on his emails. I highly recommend Ben’s

Karen Cherman

Bens crew did a great job removing the kitchen cabinets and appliances out of a house were planning to remodel. It saved us time and money having his real remove them and I feel good knowing everything will be reused and not thrown away. Thanks for the great work.

Jim Ferguson

We actually won a ‘closet’ 😊 During one of Ben’s giveaways. Our son and daughter-in-law are
re-doing a 100+ year old home and are constantly browsing Ben’s for pieces.

When I went to pick up my winnings they were so courteous and had it loaded (with the utmost care) in no time.

I would definitely buy from them …. you can’t go wrong.

Charlotte Joyner

We are very happy with Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry!! We got an amazing set of cabinets for a fraction of the price we would have paid brand new, and Ben and his crew were terrific. We chose to pay for delivery and have Ben and his crew deliver our cabinets, we had a little bit of a hiccup when the cabinets were delivered and not everything was there. We contacted Ben and he was great, he immediately worked it out with the showroom and we were confident that he would take care of it! We had a few cabinets made to finish out the kitchen and Ben even offered to deliver our new cabinets and the missing pieces to make up for the initial mix up! I would definitely recommend Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry if you are trying to save some serious $ and want to work with a great local company doing it!

K Ingle

Ben’s Repurposed Cabinets provided us with quality cabinets (and appliances) at an incredible price! The cabinets we finally bought came from a quality home and are beautiful! On top of that the appliances are top of the line as well. Ben delivered the cabinets and appliances about a week earlier than planned and we are looking forward to installing them in our new kitchen! Thanks, Ben for providing a great service!

Daniele Belfontaine

Using Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry was a great experience and saved us thousands of dollars on high quality kitchen cabinets! Ben and his boys were great to work with, each being kind, respectful and hardworking. We are thrilled with the set we purchased! I would highly recommend this great local business, and have already told several people about them.

Diana Chavez

Are you looking to change or up-grade your kitchen with quality cabinetry and save money too, then you owe it to yourself to check out Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry.

Mitch Stevens

Ben’s is really great at what they do! My whole kitchen was demoed and removed in 3 hours! No mess left behind at all. Highly recommend

Pat Long

Great value

Vicki Barr

We stopped in today and found some amazing cabinets….Ben was very freindly and helpful. We were looking for one set and ended up buying two!! Great deals and quality cabinets!!

Tiffani Anderson

Great communication with Ben on pick up of our repurposed cabinets. This was an excellent way to have old kitchen literally picked up and moved for you. Nice to not have to throw away or donate.

Ken Patrick

Ben goes out of his way to keep high quality kitchen and bath cabinets and appliances out of our landfills and provides them at steep discounts to homeowners and landlords for kitchen and bath remodels. He removes unwanted cabinets up and down the Front Range area. He sells and offers delivery services to the same area. Super honest and easy to work with!

Carmen Griess

What a great experience we had, we are so glad we found Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry and refer his business to friends. We bought our house back in May 2016 and the kitchen HAD to be remodeled, so we gutted everything! But we didn’t have the funds to get a brand new kitchen; that’s when we found Ben. We told him what we were looking for and he continued to send us updates when he got new items in. We quickly found the perfect set for our “new” kitchen (which included appliances) and were blown away with the cost. Such an amazing deal! We tell friends how much it cost to remodel the kitchen and they are shocked that we were able to do it so cheaply (the kitchen looks amazing)! Ben even arranged to have everything delivered directly to our new house DAYS after we moved in. What service! Even when we ran into a glitch where a piece was missing to install the microwave, I contacted Ben and he ordered the part and had it shipped overnight directly to us at no extra cost. Ben is such a great guy and I would refer anyone to him. Thanks Ben!

Kasey Cannon

Super pleased with Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. They removed and took our kitchen cabinets, appliances and countertops. They were professional, polite, thourough and very careful not to harm our new wood floors. If you’re looking to sell your kitchen cabinets I would highly recommend them!

Nawara Chakaki

Great experience, excellent prices! If you are looking for high quality kitchen cabinets for a great price, make sure you check out Ben’s website, as well as sign up for updates on new inventory. Ben was very helpful and informative and also worked with our schedule in order for us to pickup our “new to us” kitchen cabinets, he even arranged for help loading our set. We have other homes that we are remodeling, so we will definitely be back. I would recommend Ben’s re-purposed cabinetry to my family and friends. Thanks Ben!

Renee Neneful

Went to look around for cabinets and cupboards for my huge Kitchen. There was a very helpful gentleman working and tried to help me find a match. Didnt find anything on Saturday, but sure enough Ben’s Repurposed came through for me on Monday afternoon. They posted a really nice quality Maple set that actually gave me all the cabinets and cupboards I needed. As well as the double ovens. Can’t beat that. This was a great way to get the Kitchen I’ve been wanting. Thank you for your quality of cabinets, helpful staff, and wonderful customer service. Next on my list, bathroom vanities.


Tammy Saunders

We used Ben’s when we decided to sell our existing kitchen cabinets, appliances and granite prior to a full kitchen remodel. They offered a fair price for everything and handled the uninstall quickly and professionally. They arrived as scheduled and the crew was polite, professional and efficient. Highly recommend using Ben’s if you are looking to sell your kitchen.

Mimi Repucci


I bought a set of used cabinets from Ben’s. I got a great price for a complete set of kitchen cabinets. They were in great shape for what I have looked into in the past at other places. I had them installed in a rental home. With a little wood oil, they look almost brand new. My tenants were excited about their newly remodeled kitchen. This is an awesome experience with both the staff and their product.

Lyle Gardner

Amazing customer service and incredibly knowledgeable- Ben was honest about the good and the bad and went the extra mile to help us find what we needed! Practically new cabinets for a fraction of the cost!

Danielle Buttke

This is an honest business. After I purchased my cabinet set, we noticed that there was some damage to the pantry and I was pissed. I felt like I had been tricked, so I contacted Ben to let him know and he hadn’t seen the damage I spoke of and ended up sending some cabinet makers out to repair said damage. They did a great job and it looks great now.

Alliene Gunn

Ben’s business has a great business model and provides reclaimed high-end cabinets and appliances at a fraction of what they’d cost new. He’s an honest guy who will help you figure out how to get your project done. He sends out emails when he has new inventory, but be sure to act fast because the great stuff moves fast.

Laura Baldwin Stout

We recently had the pleasure of working with Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. This unique company provides excellent services, not only for homeowners but for business owners as well. We appreciate this opportunity you’ve brought us.

The Artisan Shop

We had a great experience with Ben and his workers! I was so glad a friend of mine introduced us to his company! Without Ben, there was no way we could afford brand new cabinets! With Ben, I got my dream kitchen and even had money left over to buy new appliances!! It was a win win for me and my family!! Thanks Ben!!

Miquela Otero

What an awesome idea. Ben and his crew are doing a great work and saved my family and I thousands

Richard Larson

Ben was fantastic! We found the cabinets that we needed plus some great appliances. Everything was delivered to our door by two wonderful young men! Thank Ben for helping us find cabinets for our kitchen.

Leslie Luke

Wonderful! We were able to get appliances too! Thank you and highly recommend!Wonderful! We were able to get appliances too! Thank you and highly recommend!

Christopher Ouzts

Ben was great to work with. The cabinets we were looking at didn’t end up working for our needs, but there were appliances there as well. We picked those up for a good deal. Ben wasn’t present and we didn’t have cash, but he was able to take a credit card which made the transaction easier, especially considering we live about an hour away.

Crown Hughes

Ben’s crew came all the way down to Arvada and did a great job. They were on time, no damage was done during the uninstall. We even worked out a deal where they took out my hardwood floor. I would definitely use them again. Wonderful job, thank you!

Mark Torgerson

Ben is knowledgeable, honest, and very responsive.

Sean McNeill

Our property sold to a developer who would be scraping the house. One of the biggest worries of the process was trying to figure out how to keep many of the beautiful features of our house from going to the landfill. We didn’t want to get mixed up with Craig’s List and the like. We contacted Ben and ended up with his taking everything in the kitchen and, after they sold, writing us a nice check. He also got us in contact with some other clients who bought numerous other things in the house – all the interior doors, Trex decking, brick pavers, ramada. Ben was a joy to work with – friendly, professional, organized, honest and attentive. A triple win – the seller, the buyer, the public (a bunch of stuff NOT ending up in the landfill)!

Gene McCullough

Ben and his crew helped make my cabinet buying process very simple and easy! I bought two beautiful sets of cabinets for a fraction of the in-store retail price. Both sets of cabinets came with hardware, countertops, and some accessories. I saw the cabinets on Ben’s website, checked them out at his shop, paid, and everything was delivered the following week. I highly recommend Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry!

Jacquelyn Mabry

Very positive experience. Cabinets were picked up on schedule and Ben had a check out to me within two weeks. Recommend this business if you’re looking to buy it sell cabinets.

Barbara King

Great deals if your willing to look for them.

Daniel Barr

Ben’s team showed up on time, laid down cardboard runners across my floor, and quickly, efficiently and professionally removed my cabinets, countertops and appliances. They cleaned up afterwards and left the cardboard runners for my use for the upcoming remodel and install. We were very pleased with Ben’s team and would recommend working with Ben on a kitchen remodel. It’s great to know someone else will be able to use our cabinets, appliances and hopefully countertops, and they will not go into a landfill. Thanks again Ben and team.

Tom Hillen

Great place. Helpful and courteous staff!

Kay Thomson

We are so please with our cabinets! We had them delivered and the guys did a great job getting all the stuff unloaded. High quality cabinets and great service!

Doug Wookey

If you’ve priced cabinets and wanted to cry – look no further. Ben can hook you up with twice the quality at less than half the price. I traveled from the heart of Wyoming to the front range and still managed to save over $3.5k than buying new (and I got better quality cabinets!). When we arrived, his team of friendly students helped load up our uhaul and we were on our way. If you can’t get behind his mission to keep quality furniture out of the dump, be selfish and just save the money. Keep up the work Ben

Micah Christensen

Ben’s crew came out to my house to remove a pretty large kitchen worth of cabinets. They are so professional, clean and have the process down. Everyone knew their job and went to work. I was shocked at how fast and well they removed everything. Nothing was damaged and getting a check for my cabinets was amazing!
I HIGHLY recommend Ben’s!!!!!

Jeanne Coleman