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From a Million-Dollar Home to Yours!

spence story 1 1

How the Spence family updated their kitchen with this gorgeous set of gently-used, high-end knotty alder cabinets. Pandi Spence has remodeled four kitchens (and counting!) using recycled cabinets. The Longmont-based interior designer knows a thing or two about taking an idea and turning it into a real-life, functioning kitchen that you love.

A Large Family Kitchen Built On A Budget

pat sam mahaffeys kitchen remodel 10 1

How Sam and Pat spent just $2k on cabinets and created a kitchen that comfortably seats eight! Like many large families, Sam and Pat had two goals for their home:

1) Add a second bathroom.

2) Expand the kitchen.

Each had three children, so when they got married, they suddenly found themselves trying to squeeze around the table as a family of eight. It was soon time to make some adjustments to their kitchen!

Read This Before Settling for the Big Box Store Cabinets!

leclairs kitchen remodel 1 1

If you’re landing on our website for the first time, you might be surprised to discover you can find a complete high-end kitchen when shopping recycled. This was true for our customers J & L, too. The couple was searching for cabinets for their office kitchen when they found us on Craigslist. L said she knew it was possible to find a couple of second-hand appliances or cabinets, but she hadn’t realized people were also recycling full kitchens.

A Leap of Faith

matt sandy waitley kitchen remodel 1%402x scaled 1

How one couple saved thousands of dollars on their kitchen with recycled cabinets, appliances, and countertops. It all started with a Facebook scroll. Matt and Sandy were about to place an order for new cabinets when a gorgeous, knotty alder kitchen popped into their Facebook feed. They discovered it had recently been salvaged from another home that was undergoing a remodel…

Not Local to Colorado? No Problem!

april sahara kitchen remodel 6%402x scaled 1

Homeowners from across the country have purchased recycled kitchen cabinets and appliances with us. See how April from Northern California remodeled her entire kitchen for about $5k. (Travel and moving truck costs included!) “I had pretty much resigned myself to not being able to redo our kitchen, as it would just have been too much money.” Can you relate?

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