A Large Family Kitchen Built On A Budget


How Sam and Pat spent just $2k on cabinets and created a kitchen that comfortably seats eight! Like many large families, Sam and Pat had two goals for their home:

1) Add a second bathroom.

2) Expand the kitchen.

Each had three children, so when they got married, they suddenly found themselves trying to squeeze around the table as a family of eight. It was soon time to make some adjustments to their kitchen!


“We went to the Home Depot, and they quoted us an option that didn’t even have that many cabinets for $20k!” Sam explained. “That was more than our entire budget for the whole kitchen and the second bathroom.”

Feeling frustrated, she got online and started looking at other options. That’s when she found our website here at Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry.


Even though they live three hours from our shop, Sam and her mom drove out to take a look at a cabinet set that we had in stock.

“The funny part is I bought a set, but not the one I’d come to look at,” Sam laughed. “I fell in love with another set Ben had in the shop that day and was absolutely floored that I could pay for it with the cash I had on hand.”

Sam and Pat paid about $2k for cabinets that when bought new cost close to $30k.

“Everything was in excellent condition. We just had some minor repairs, the biggest being we had to buy a lower cabinet to replace one that had been damaged. That came to about $300,” Sam said.


To install their cabinets, Sam and Pat enlisted the help of a nephew who had some experience in home remodel work.

One of the coolest parts of their project is that they used some of their cabinets to make two movable islands. They put the cabinets that had the most wear-and-tear together to hide any defects and create cabinet bases. Then, they used an old kitchen tabletop as the top for one of the islands.

This movable island feature is perfect for a kitchen that feeds at least a handful of teenagers on any given day.

“We can separate the islands if we need to, or move them together when all the kids are home and we want to sit together,” Sam said.

Sam and Pat get a ton of compliments on their cabinets and are still amazed at the kitchen they have for their buck. They live in a rural area where people can feel really overwhelmed at the thought of a remodel because it’s so expensive.

“We tell people about Ben’s all the time because we could never have done this without them. It was a painless process. From going to the shop to look at the set, how it was packaged for us so well when we picked it up, to the kind crew who helped load everything into our trailer. It’s unheard of that you can get cabinets and service like that for this price,” Sam said.