Divine BrookHaven Dahlia Set Talk-Through

Hi everybody, this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry, I’m really excited to talk to you about this set: N3. It’s an amazing set for anybody interested in a big set for a large remodel or especially for someone building a new home. It’s an enormous set with a massive kitchen and plenty of cabinets for many other rooms in the house. Before we get into the set, I’d like to talk about the place that this kitchen is coming from.

The mansion that this set is coming from is located in Cherry Hills near Denver, easily one of the most desirable and prestigious places to live in Colorado. Valued at $5.11 million this mansion sits on a 2-acre lot and has many crazy features. One of those features is that this property has its own small golf course! When you first drive on the property you come in onto a massive roundabout cobblestone driveway. To finish it off they have both an outdoor pool and an indoor pool which has its own pool house separated from the main building.

Back to the features of the cabinets! When you enter this house, you feel like a kid in a candy shop! The kitchen itself is so large that it feels like the size of a great room in a regular house. Not only does the set include cabinets from the kitchen but also the bar area, butler’s pantry, mudroom, powder room and laundry room. The cabinets are a very rich color and the kitchen has a contrasting island which instead has painted white cabinets. The island is so massive that one half of it is used as a dining area. No expense was spared with the detailing and craftsmanship of this cabinetry. Each cabinet has a solid construction with dovetailed drawer joints. Different sections are divided with beautiful furniture quality pillars. Extremely elaborate crown molding trims the entirety of the cabinets. The Bar area and Butler’s pantry are both their own small rooms filled with cabinets and awesome appliances. They both include glass uppers with mullions but if you were wanting to switch out the glass for wood or frosted glass so you couldn’t see inside the cabinets, that isn’t too hard of a switch to make. The vanity in the powder room also matches the same color as the kitchen cabinets and is a piece of art in its own right. It has very unique curved doors and side panels that match the contour of the marble counter top. Even the mudroom has amazing detail, including some of the most elaborate crown molding throughout the entire set. The mudroom also features plenty of storage as well as a bench area which has its own drawers to create an even tidier area. The last section, being the laundry room, has a ton of cabinets with uppers that stretch to great heights.

All the appliances will be included with the set. The kitchen sink has a dishwasher on either side of it which is actually very common in these multi-million-dollar homes. Same goes with the ovens which are raised to sit at a good height for cooking, they have cabinets above each for storage and a warming tray sits in between them to keep meals warm before serving. The appliances also include an enormous top-of-the-line Sub-Zero Fridge. The bar room includes a mini fridge and an ice-maker while the butler’s pantry houses a wine cooler.

It’s hard to wrap up a set with this number of features and details to it. Each time you look at it you notice something new and the set keeps getting more impressive. Once again, if you’re looking to or are building a home or taking on a massive remodel project then this set has everything you would need to fill up any rooms that need cabinets.