Initial Questions

  • How does this work?

    We find kitchens that are coming out of high-end homes and sell them to people like you who are building a new home or remodeling their current home. So, a big part of our business is finding people to supply us cabinets. As a result, our company is very different from a typical cabinet company. At a typical company you would sit down with a designer who would figure out a layout and style that will work for you. Our company simply finds the materials, and you must figure out whether the cabinets will work for you. To simplify this process, we have ads on our website for each set with pictures and lists of features, sizes, and defects. In summary, we build relationships with companies and individuals all over the state. They provide us with beautiful kitchens, and we get you the info you need to figure out if the set will work for your needs.

  • Where do I start?

    First, sign up for Ben’s Inventory Alerts to be notified whenever we put a new set up for sale. That way, you won’t risk losing out on the perfect set for your needs. You can sign up for our email notifications by clicking here.

    If you’re ready to shop for your kitchen today, we have a ton of great cabinets, appliances, and counters in stock right now. You can browse them all in our Online Store.

    Once you find a set that you like, your next step is to determine whether it will work in your space. There are three options for doing this, all detailed on our Design Help page.

    If you decide your set will fit your kitchen and you’re ready to buy, simply purchase it right here on our website! After that, contact us to arrange pickup or delivery.

  • Why should I buy from you?

    There are four reasons why you should consider purchasing from us.

    1. The first is saving money. If you’ve shopped for good-quality cabinets before, you know that cabinets can be very expensive. By buying from us you can get a great quality set of cabinets for as little as 10-35% the price of new.
    2. The second reason is getting quality. The lack of quality of the cabinets in even some new-build million-dollar homes is astonishing. There are a lot of companies that sell products that looks pretty and expensive, but they simply do not last. Since most of what we get has been used for years, you can rest assured that cabinets you buy from us will last for years to come.
    3. The third reason is to keep cabinets out of the dump. A lot of beautiful cabinets are just being thrown away because nobody has the time to deal with them. We are trying our best to right that wrong by taking these cabinets and reselling them, so that someone else can have the kitchen of their dreams that they otherwise would not be able to afford.
    4. The fourth reason is the sense of fulfillment. Many of our customers are immersed in the process of designing their kitchen and figuring out how to make a used cabinet set work for them. Sometimes they even install the cabinets themselves. At the end they have a really nice kitchen that not only looks pretty but also means something to them. That is why our company slogan is “Kitchens with a Story.” It’s the story of where the kitchens came from and the process of making it work for your space. There is also pride of ownership and satisfaction that that gives you at the end.
  • How do you get all these kitchens?

    We partner with custom cabinet companies, kitchen designers, realtors, and homeowners to keep these high-end materials out of the landfill and get them into the hands of average, hardworking people like you.

  • How is this process good for everyone?

    The buyer, homeowner, and contractor or kitchen design all benefit from this process. When a kitchen designer or contractor refers us to a homeowner they are working with, we give them a check as a thank you for the referral. When we talk to the homeowner, we give them a proposal based on what they have for us. We sometimes uninstall the cabinets for free. In addition, we often give them a set amount or a percentage of the sale. So, they get cash for their old cabinets, which would have otherwise just been thrown away. The buyer benefits because they get a quality kitchen they would otherwise not be able to afford. And all of us know that we saved something from the dump and gave a beautiful kitchen a new life.

  • How did you think of this, and how long have you been doing it?

    When my wife and I were looking to remodel our first home, we couldn’t believe the price of new cabinets. Just when we were feeling pretty down, we were lucky enough to find a set of used, gorgeous cherry cabinets that we hung in our kitchen. These cabinets were better quality than anything we could have imagined buying new and a fraction of the cost. This got me thinking that there have to be other people out there like us who could use these materials, instead of them just being thrown away. That was back in 2014, and our business has changed a lot since then. To hear more about our story, click the About Us page.

  • How has this process worked out for other people?

    We know starting a project like this can seem daunting at first, so it can be helpful to see how others have done it. To learn from your fellow homeowners who have remodeled their kitchens with used cabinets, visit our Customer Stories page.

  • Do you split up sets?

    No, we do not split up sets. Keep in mind it can be beneficial to buy a larger set than you need to allow yourself flexibility when you install the set in your home.

  • Can I come and see a kitchen before I buy it?

    This depends on the set. Usually, the sets we have for sale on our website are still installed in the home. Some homeowners are ok with coming and viewing the sets, and some are not. We try to indicate on the product page whether an in-home showing is an option or not. If you do not see that, simply ask us and we’ll let you know if it’s available to be viewed.

    If the set is already uninstalled and in storage at our shop, you can view it before purchasing it.

  • Do any of your cabinets have plywood boxes?

    Some of them do, but if you’re only looking for plywood, you’re missing out on beautiful, high-end cabinetry. There are many grades of plywood, and plywood does not automatically equal a superior product.

    Focus instead on the quality of materials and construction and whether the cabinets come from a respected manufacturer.

    We have some excellent articles on how to spot the junk from the treasure when cabinet shopping on our Help Articles page.

Design Questions

  • Can I give you my measurements and have you find cabinets that will work for me?

    We do not do that directly, but we have created a Design Help page to empower you to determine if it will fit in your space. Here, you’ll learn how to go about putting together the layout for your kitchen using the recycled cabinet set you like. For example, you can draw the layout on graph paper, utilize our digital design program, or partner with a local designer. Visit our Design Help page to find out more.

    To simplify the process, we do provide detailed photos, descriptions, and measurements of each set in our online store. That way, you can see exactly what you’re getting.


  • How can I take a kitchen that used to be in someone else’s home and fit it into my own?

    You can move cabinets around and create a ton of different layouts. We explain three different options for how you can do this on our Design Help page.

  • What if I’m having trouble getting the set to fill my space?

    This is a common occurrence, as not every set will fit in your space. However, we have some pretty cool solutions that will turn your kitchen into one that is utterly unique and make a set work for you.

    Add Another Cabinet:
    You can order matching cabinets from the manufacturer, have one built by a woodworker, put in an appliance (like a mini-fridge), or use open shelving.

    Fill Gaps:
    It’s super easy to turn a small gap into one of your favorite parts of the kitchen! We recommend using this space for a custom spice rack pull-out or even a mini wine rack.

    Replace or Fill Missing Corner Pieces:
    There are two main solutions for missing corner pieces. The first is to install something in the corner at a 45-degree angle. This could be a cabinet, a door with an empty space behind it that you fill with shelving, a corner pantry, or even a corner cooktop area. The second is to have two cabinets intersect at a right angle and create a blind corner cabinet. You can get good use out of this space by installing a lazy Susan or another pull-out shelving mechanism.

    To see all of your options, download this handy PDF.

  • What are some standard measurements to be aware of?

    With the exception of custom cabinets, widths of cabinets are in increments of three inches, starting at 6 or 9 inches, then increasing to 12, 15, 18, and so on. Base cabinets will typically be 34.5 inches tall and 24 inches deep, not including the cabinet door. A toe kick is often built into the base and typically take up about 4.5 inches of that total base height. Sometimes we receive sets that do not have the toe kick built in. In those instances, the base would be setup on pegs or sitting right on a 2×4 frame; the frame would not be saved. Countertops are generally around 1.5 inches thick, so the top of the countertop is usually 36 inches off the ground.

    As with the bases, the widths of the upper cabinets are in increments of three inches. They are typically 12 inches deep, again, not including the cabinet door. The heights of the uppers typically range from 30 inches and 42 inches, again with increments of three inches between heights. Many of the houses we get cabinets from have high vaulted ceilings, so a lot of the uppers we get are 42 inches.

    If you have standard eight-foot ceilings, you can use 42-inch uppers without crown molding on the top. If you put the uppers right against the ceiling, you will have enough between your countertop and the bottom of your upper cabinets so that it will work. You will end up with 18 inches between the countertops and the upper cabinets. We used 42-inch uppers in our first house, and it didn’t look like much space when we drew it out on the wall, but I can assure you that 18 inches really was plenty. Remember that your uppers are typically sitting a foot back from the edge of the countertop. There aren’t really many situations in which you’d want to stick something under an upper that’s 18 inches tall, so it will usually work just fine.

Installation and Repair Questions

  • What kinds of repairs should I expect to have to make on the set I purchase?

    When purchasing recycled cabinets, you will likely have some minor repairs.

    This usually looks like a good cleaning, filling in dents and scratches (some companies do this, and we can recommend one to you if you’d like), replacing cabinet braces, oiling drawer glides and hinges, gluing cabinet box seams, or replacing hinges or hardware. Once in a while, it can also be more significant, like replacing a cabinet box. Just keep in mind that cabinets (and the screws holding them in place!) can get a little brittle over time, and the process of removing and taking the countertops off will usually result in some repairs being necessary.

    Again, just remember that a few hours of work goes a long ways. A wobbly base cabinet may look and feel like a piece of junk, but once a new cabinet brace has been popped in along the top it’s ready for its new home.

    Our best advice here is to carefully look at the photos, read the product description, and budget and plan for ‘surprise’ repairs before you buy to be well-prepared. Some of our customers are the DIY type and have no problem tackling repairs on their own. Others prefer to hire a contractor instead. If you have any questions about a cabinet set in our online shop, definitely reach out and ask us.

  • Do you have people you can recommend to help with the install of my cabinets?

    Yes! Visit our Find an Expert page to browse a list of professional contractors.

  • How can I get all the fillers, toe kick, crown molding, etc. that I need?

    If you need to fill in these pieces, no worries, it’s not too tricky at all. For stained sets, get materials made from the same type of wood as the rest of your cabinets. Then, take a sample of your stain to a paint store and match it, so everything is the same color. Follow this process for painted cabinets as well. Simply buy the materials you need and take a sample of your cabinet’s paint to be matched.

  • How hard is it to reuse the countertops?

    Making the countertops work for your space is more complicated than making the cabinets work. Cabinet pieces can be moved around to fit different layouts, but with countertops, you have a few big slabs of granite explicitly designed for the kitchen they were removed from.

    You could have a company cut the countertop and refabricate it, but it may be challenging to find a professional. Or, if you have the equipment, you could do it yourself.

    Keep in mind when you’re looking at sets that you may not always get all the countertops. It can sometimes be exceedingly difficult to uninstall them, especially when there are areas where the granite is thin, like around sinks.

    That’s why we include the countertops with each set free of charge. We’re not putting a price on them simply because of the difficulties in keeping them intact and reusing them.

Purchasing Questions

  • What’s your return policy?

    We offer different return policies depending on where you are in the purchasing process.

    • If you received a discount or reduced price when you purchased the set, you relinquish all right to a return. All sales are final.
    • If you have already received your set, we do not accept returns.
    • If you return the set and there are still at least two weeks before the set is scheduled to be uninstalled from the home, you will receive 90% of what you paid for the set back.
    • If you return the set within the two week window the set was scheduled to be uninstalled from the home, you will receive 80% of what you paid for the set back.
    • If you return a set that as already been uninstalled, but is not yet in your possession, you will receive 75% of the cost of what we can resell the set for.
    • If you purchased your set from a Private Vendor all sales are final.
  • Is it possible to have you guys store it for a while?

    We do have the ability to store your set, but we’d like to avoid it as much as possible. Because of this, our prices per business day are significantly higher than a storage facility’s prices would be, and we would encourage you to choose a different business for your storage needs, as we need as much of our own space as possible. You can see our fees below.


  • Do you take down payments?

    To keep things simple and fair for all our customers, we do not accept down payments.

  • Do you take cash discounts?

    No, we do not take cash discounts.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    As an e-commerce store, we prefer card payments made directly through our website, but we will accept any payment method, including personal checks. However, we only accept personal checks as long as we receive the check a few weeks prior to picking the cabinets up. We also take personal checks for delivery fees.

  • What if an appliance I purchased ends up not working?

    This rarely happens because we only accept appliances that the homeowner deems to be in good working order. However, we don’t have any way to test them ourselves. If an appliance you receive from us doesn’t work, we will calculate the value of that piece in the set and refund you that amount as long you let us know within the first 30 days of receiving the sets.

Transportation / Delivery Questions

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery costs for our Colorado locations are as follows:

    Distance (miles) Price
    0-10 $150
    11-25 $210
    26-45 $270
    46-60 $380
    61-80 $440
    81-100 $550
    100-150 $750

    We subtract $25 if your order has 13 pieces or less. We add $25 if your order has 25-35 pieces. We add $50 for each professional-grade appliances (Subzero, Fridges, Wolf Ranges, etc.) If your order has 36+ pieces, we double your delivery cost (since the delivery will require two truckloads). We add $50 if granite is included in your order. We cannot guarantee that the granite won’t be delivered without damage. We supply a maximum of two guys for delivery, so if more manpower is needed, the customer must supply the extra help.

    If you have any questions, please contact us and we may be able to help.


  • What size truck or trailer do I need to transport my set?

    If you transport your cabinets yourself, the needed trailer or truck’s size depends on the size of your kitchen, but here is a basic guideline. We have a 16-foot box truck that we use. It is 16 feet long, 7-8 feet wide, and about 7 feet tall inside. Most kitchens fit in our truck, but kitchens with more than 25 cabinets will likely be too big and require a larger truck or more than one.

  • What do I need to do to protect the cabinets during transportation?

    We will have the cabinets wrapped in shrink wrap before you pick them up. But you will want to put something else between them to prevent damage as they are stacked in your truck or trailer. Blankets and/or cardboard work well.