How hard is it to reuse the countertops?

Making the countertops work for your space is more complicated than making the cabinets work. Cabinet pieces can be moved around to fit different layouts, but with countertops, you have a few big slabs of granite explicitly designed for the kitchen they were removed from.

You could have a company cut the countertop and refabricate it, but it may be challenging to find a professional. Or, if you have the equipment, you could do it yourself.

Keep in mind when you’re looking at sets that you may not always get all the countertops. It can sometimes be exceedingly difficult to uninstall them, especially when there are areas where the granite is thin, like around sinks.

That’s why we include the countertops with each set free of charge. We’re not putting a price on them simply because of the difficulties in keeping them intact and reusing them.