How much does delivery cost?

Our delivery costs are as follows:

Distance (miles) Price
0-10 $150
11-25 $210
26-45 $270
46-60 $380
61-80 $440

We subtract $25 if your order has 13 pieces or less. We add $25 if your order has 25-35 pieces. We add $50 for each professional-grade appliances (Subzero, Fridges, Wolf Ranges, etc.) If your order has 36+ pieces, we double your delivery cost (since the delivery will require two truckloads). We add $50 if granite is included in your order. We cannot guarantee that the granite won’t be delivered without damage. We supply a maximum of two guys for delivery, so if more manpower is needed, the customer must supply the extra help.

Deliveries in distances further than 80 miles may be able to be arranged.