What if I’m having trouble getting the set to fill my space?

This is a common occurrence, as not every set will fit in your space. However, we have some pretty cool solutions that will turn your kitchen into one that is utterly unique and make a set work for you.

Add Another Cabinet:
You can order matching cabinets from the manufacturer, have one built by a woodworker, put in an appliance (like a mini-fridge), or use open shelving.

Fill Gaps:
It’s super easy to turn a small gap into one of your favorite parts of the kitchen! We recommend using this space for a custom spice rack pull-out or even a mini wine rack.

Replace or Fill Missing Corner Pieces:
There are two main solutions for missing corner pieces. The first is to install something in the corner at a 45-degree angle. This could be a cabinet, a door with an empty space behind it that you fill with shelving, a corner pantry, or even a corner cooktop area. The second is to have two cabinets intersect at a right angle and create a blind corner cabinet. You can get good use out of this space by installing a lazy Susan or another pull-out shelving mechanism.

To see all of your options, download this handy PDF.