What kinds of repairs should I expect to have to make on the set I purchase?

When purchasing recycled cabinets, you will likely have some minor repairs.

This usually looks like a good cleaning, filling in dents and scratches (some companies do this, and we can recommend one to you if you’d like), replacing cabinet braces, oiling drawer glides and hinges, gluing cabinet box seams, or replacing hinges or hardware. Once in a while, it can also be more significant, like replacing a cabinet box. Just keep in mind that cabinets (and the screws holding them in place!) can get a little brittle over time, and the process of removing and taking the countertops off will usually result in some repairs being necessary.

Again, just remember that a few hours of work goes a long ways. A wobbly base cabinet may look and feel like a piece of junk, but once a new cabinet brace has been popped in along the top it’s ready for its new home.

Our best advice here is to carefully look at the photos, read the product description, and budget and plan for ‘surprise’ repairs before you buy to be well-prepared. Some of our customers are the DIY type and have no problem tackling repairs on their own. Others prefer to hire a contractor instead. If you have any questions about a cabinet set in our online shop, definitely reach out and ask us.