Keep Your Eyes Open for These Incoming Sets! | 1/22/2020

Hey, everybody, we’re back with another update for you guys! We needed to do this especially with all the used cabinet sets that we’ve been selling lately, and the amount of sets we have in the shop right now is probably the lowest it has ever been! That’s because we’re literally selling sets as fast as we can put them up right now, and there’s been a ton of demand for these kitchens, so we’ve been struggling to keep up with all that demand. We apologize if we missed you, but we’ve been spending a lot of time responding to people, and it could easily happen that some get lost in the mix somehow. However, we do want you to know that there are more used kitchens coming in. We’ve got about 3-4 coming a week, and most of the used kitchen cabinets sets are sold while they’re still installed in the home. That’s what we’ve been trying to do, since it’s a whole lot easier all around to do it that way, and that’s why, if you come and visit our showroom, you will not see a whole lot in there.

So starting with a couple of discount cabinet sets that we know are coming, the pictures I’m going to show you come from the homeowner or the contractor of the remodel, so they’re just to be able to give you a very surface view of the set without perfectly capturing what the set is.

Our first set is a big one coming with cabinets, countertops, and appliances, and it’s coming out within the next couple of weeks. It’s a pretty decently sized set, as has a giant, interestingly designed island that could be refigured, of course, since there are so many cabinets in that island. There’s the desk area as well, and a little butler’s pantry with a wine fridge or beverage cooler as well. The set looks like it has a cherry finish, but I’m not 100% sure on that. I think we’re getting the mantel and surrounding pieces for the fireplace, and the bookshelves and built-ins that match. We’ve got a really nice matching separate bookshelf, and a really nice vanity with a double sink that should match the kitchen. The used cabinet set should also include the downstairs bar that wasn’t pictured, but that’s a nice piece to compliment everything else.

I’m really excited about this second set because I think the cabinets are pretty amazing, and I really like the hardware they have on them too. I believe it’s knotty hickory since I don’t really have the right photos for them quite yet. This set will be the used kitchen cabinets, salvageable countertops, and appliances. There’s the drop-in Jenn-Air gas range, the microwave, and the dishwasher. It’s got the spice rack pullouts on either side of the sink base, and just some absolutely gorgeous high-end cabinets. I know that it’s a look that a lot of people are searching for, and it’s one of my personal favorites as well. It’s got a little wine rack to the left of the dishwasher as well, so make sure you’re looking for that one!

Here’s another full package of cabinets, appliances, and granite countertops. This is another good-sized set of kitchen cabinets with a large, double-sided island, you’ve got your L shape, and then a long wall of cabinets with a pantry. These cabinets have a really nice cream and chocolate glazed finish, with kind of an antiqued look, so for those of you looking for that kind of character, this would be a good one. There are even more cabinets than you’d think as well since the butler’s pantry is tucked away behind a doorway and gives you even more storage if you need it. That set should be coming pretty soon, probably within the next month.

This next discount cabinet set is kind of a wild card since we don’t really know when it’s going to come, but it might be this summer. I’m pretty excited about it because it’s a really gorgeous kitchen. You have the contrasting island countertop with the really big island, and it has a curved edge. Based on looks, it might be quartz. There are cherry countertops, and I think we might be getting the appliances but I may be wrong. Beautiful stone countertops as well, and it really is a beautiful kitchen. It’s really just amazing. The second side of the kitchen walls is beautiful, with gorgeous frosted glass-paneled wall cabinets with mullions. If you’ve seen these videos before, you know I’m a little partial to a look similar to this, but I just think it’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s a little piece going around the corner with a little wine cooler or beverage fridge as well. The shaker style kitchen cabinets are a pretty popular style, there’s some beautiful open shelving, and it’s a really nice kitchen that I’m very excited about getting.

Here’s another one that should be coming in the next couple weeks, and it should have an ad for it hopefully within the next week. I’m excited for this one too because it’s knotty alder, since that’s always popular, and this kind of look with the tone and the knots is generally a pretty popular one. There are a serious number of drawers, a trash pullout, and it’s a really nice set of somewhere around 26 used cabinets. It looks like some pretty quality stuff with dovetailed drawers, and soft-close drawer glides. I think we’re getting the appliances with this as well, and whatever salvageable countertops we can get that we’re able to remove. There’s a sidebar area with the wine rack and the rippled glass uppers and another big drawer base. Drawers are expensive, so that’s definitely a big selling point with this one.

The last one I’m going to talk about is from a giant house that was sold pretty recently, so thankfully I can look up some pictures online. This set should be coming out next month, and hopefully, we can get pictures and stuff to you pretty soon on this. I’m excited about this one, since it’s got the popular white or creme finish with the glaze, and it’s kind of a french country kind of kitchen. It comes from a pretty high dollar home, at 1.2 million, and I also love the farmhouse or apron sink that should be coming, and also the beautiful butcher block countertops. I’d think we’ll be able to get those off pretty nicely, there’s a really nice island as well if you’ll notice the pillars on the side. I think we’re taking the appliances with this one as well, and there’s a big pantry cabinet to boot. It really is a gorgeous kitchen, so I’m pretty excited about that one because I know the French country look is what a lot of you are looking for. I think we’re getting the little sitting area as well, which would be great for a mudroom or something, and those look like some really nice cheap cabinets as well. We’ll probably be packaging those with the kitchen as well, so we’ll have a really nice country feel for you guys that are a little bit more in rural areas, and this one will be a great one for you.

I want to thank you guys for sticking around with us, we’ve got a lot of nice and high-end used kitchens coming through here, and I’ll try to keep you up to date on what’s coming in as much as possible. We’ll try to get ads up for these as quickly as we can, and I really appreciate the support.

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