New Sets To Look Out For! 2/22/2020

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Hello everybody, this is Ben from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry, I’m excited to make you another update video on a number of kitchens we have coming in. So as quite a few of you know, I think we’ve been selling kitchens really quickly to start out the year, which has been a great problem, but a problem nonetheless because we’ve been selling them so quickly that we’ve had a hard time even keeping inventory up on the site. We didn’t over the last week or so. We didn’t really have much time to put new ads up, but we did start getting some more people and bringing more sets in. So thankfully, for those of you that haven’t seen a ton of change in the last week, I’m able to show you now that we do have quite a few kitchens coming in, and you should be seeing ads for these within the next week or two. I think I got seven kitchens to show you today, and there should be some other ones coming up shortly as well that I’m not going to be talking about right now.

This first one that we’re looking at is one that you’ll be seeing very soon because we already have pictures of it. I had our photographer, Deb, go and take pictures and these are some photos that she came back with. It’s a really nice set of knotty alder cabinets with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. I’m not sure if all the appliances are going yet or not, so that needs to be clarified. I think maybe they were keeping the fridge, so we need to see about that. Other than that, these are some really nice knotty alder cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. This is a really nice set, one that has a lot of things going for it as far as the style, the look, the package deal, the different pieces that are included, and so on. So I think this will be one that’s pretty popular, and we should be having this one going up on the website at the beginning of next week, I would think.So here’s some other photos for you of that kitchen.

All right, here’s another one. Some of these are terrible quality photos and I apologize for that. Now we’re getting into kitchens that we have not taken our own photos of. Obviously, this is extremely grainy. In fact, I think I’m just going to go past it in just a second. But you see a pretty large kitchen that’s very contemporary. Everybody likes different styles. This is not my style. In fact, I do not like the handles at all. My photographer, on the other hand, who lives in the city, who lives in Boulder. She’s a big fan of this and she really likes the contemporary look. This is definitely contemporary. If it were me, I would just change out those handles to something straight because I do not like the curve. But I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These are very high quality cabinets. I can tell you that. I believe they’re all soft close. This actually was brand new in 2015, I’m pretty sure, so this is a pretty new kitchen. The only appliance we are getting, I believe, is the hood, so I’m pretty sure that’s going. This is a pretty good size set of cabinets for the kitchen. And then also the living room has a bunch of nice built-in cabinets over there that we are hoping to get as well. This is a home in Boulder, definitely modern. In fact, just look at the table and chairs that they have here. So you can see the decor is very modern. This is different than most of the kitchens that we get in. It’s for somebody looking for that modern, contemporary feel, but this is definitely high quality, one of the higher quality type kitchens that we get in, from what I can tell thus far. We should be having ads up for this towards the end of next week, I believe. You can see all the living room cabinets over there and little view of it here, as well as the island. In the other picture you could see the stone that went around here, pretty crazy stuff there. And it is contrasting the stone that’s on the perimeter, I believe. I’m not sure about the stone back there. But anyway, there’s a couple different styles of stone here.

All right. Here’s another one. It’s a more standard kitchen with white cabinets and granite countertops. I think this one includes the appliances. If I’m remembering correctly, this one includes everything except the fridge. So it’s a pretty good sized set, especially when you add in the whole pantry wall here. That’s a really cool feature. It would add a ton of storage for you. And I believe these built in appliances are included as well. This is another one that Deb is going to take a bunch of pictures and measurements for next week. So hopefully we’ll be having that ad up by the end of next week. There’s a nice wine rack and glass uppers.

Here’s another one. Unfortunately, they gave me fairly decent quality photos, but the photos don’t really show what’s there very well. You only get little snapshots. So from what I can tell, there’s a bank of cabinets here that are this dark color and then you got the fridge by itself. Then you have a contrasting island. You can see a piece of it right there. I don’t know if it’s a slate or a really dark blue. We’ll have to look in the next picture. You also have some different tops there on the different colors. So on the nice dark cherry you have the black granite and then you have another style on the island. It definitely looks like some high quality shaker style cabinetry. I know hardly anything about these, but just from looking at them, they do not look like builder grade cabinets. You can see they have some pretty nice appliances here. I do not know if those are included yet, so we’ll have to see. I don’t think we have it scheduled yet, I’m not even sure if this one is a done deal yet. We’re still working on it, but I wanted to show it to you, because it looks like some pretty nice stuff. So yeah, you have this bank of cabinets here. There’s that cooktop again. There’s also a little butler’s pantry right there. So you have the fridge, you have this whole wall of cabinets. You have a little butler’s pantry. And then you have this island. And here you can see the color. Maybe slate would be a good description of it. And there you can see a little bit of the style of that granite countertop. This is going to be a pretty high end set of used cabinets or hopefully a whole kitchen package. There’s that butler’s pantry. I see a little wine rack down there and glass uppers.

This is one we just got in today, we’ll probably get pictures of it at the beginning of next week, maybe Tuesday, Wednesday. So this one should be have ads for it around Thursday next week. This one’s definitely going to be affordable. It’s a pretty decent set with regard to size. I think it’s 15 to 20 cabinets, pretty decent size with a pantry and we also got appliances. I think all the appliances you see here are included. If I remember correctly, I think it might have just been the fridge or maybe the fridge and dishwasher that weren’t included. But yeah, there are definitely a few appliances included with this as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t uninstall this. We got in touch with these people after they’d already taken it out. I think the granite didn’t survive, if I remember correctly. So just cabinets and some appliances on this one, but it will probably be right in that two thousand dollar range, so it will definitely a good budget buy. You can see the pantry cabinet there, and it had a really nice island setup with it as well.

Here’s another one that I’m pretty excited about, it looks fairly high quality. You got what look to be frameless cabinets. I don’t know about dovetailed and soft close drawers right now, but it looks like those could definitely be possible features. There are some pretty nice looking appliances and some beautiful black granite. It’s a really pretty kitchen, so I’m excited. I like the detailing, the molding, the crown, and the pantry cabinet. And if we get appliances, this could be a pretty sweet deal, so I’m excited about this one. There’s a little butler’s pantry there, a French door fridge, and a couple cabinets over here by the fridge. So that’s one that we’re still going back and forth with them. I haven’t set up a visit yet, but hopefully that’ll be set up this next week. So hopefully we’ll have things for you pretty soon on that.

And then this is one that I’m really excited about. Unfortunately, again, the quality of the photos I have is pretty lacking. Looks fairly grainy, but hopefully you can get a pretty good understanding of the quality here. We’re getting all the cabinets, all the countertops here. Hopefully all the countertops make it out without cracking. The island shouldn’t be an issue, because it’s just a butcher block countertop. The others are some beautiful white quartz. I’m hopeful that it’ll make it out. Quartz is fairly durable, but we aren’t doing the uninstall on this one. We got in touch with a new company and they’re just going do it. They don’t really know us yet. This is our first time working together, so I talked to them a little bit about how to remove the counteres without cracking. I’m hopeful a lot of it’s going to come out. Hopefully they do what what I talked to him about, but we’ll have to see. That’s the thing I’m kind of nervous about, but I’m pretty hopeful it will come out well. And the cabinets, if I’m remembering correctly, are dovetailed and soft close. This is a five million dollar house, so this is some very high quality stuff. And, as you can see, it has sage perimeter cabinets and Butler’s pantry. The sage cabinets have the white countertop on it, and the island has the beautiful butcher block countertop. I’m a big fan of that butcher block countertop. We don’t get the appliances with this one. Unfortunately, they’re keeping those in the house for the remodel, but everything else is going to be going. That custom hood is pretty amazing. Here’s a couple other photos. These ones are such bad quality that they almost are not even worth looking at, but it gives you an idea of what the kitchen looks like. This one is a fairly good photo of the island. I don’t know if we are going to get that wine fridge unfortunately, but you can get different ones fairly cheaply to fit in that space, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. They sell, you know, really high end brand ones that cost tons of money, but they sell some cheaper ones that are fairly affordable. And look at the pillars that they have on the side of the island that the countertop goes over. There’s two sinks included. You’ve got the bar sink right here. And I’m really excited about the farmhouse/apron sink that we have over here. I love that, because I know that so many of you guys are looking for apron sinks, and we do not get them in very often. So I’m very excited to let you know that this kitchen does have one of those. So, yeah, that one I was showing you is coming in this next week. Like I said, we are not uninstalling it. We’re just picking it up. So we’ll see how it goes, but we’re gonna be picking this one up probably on Thursday of next week. And it’s gonna be awesome. We should have ads up for this by then already, because I think Deb is going there Tuesday to get pictures of it. Again, this is from five million dollar house, so it is an awesome kitchen. We haven’t had one of quite this quality for a little bit, so I’m really excited to be able to offer this to you.

Sorry about that. I remembered at the end that there’s one other thing I wanted to talk about. And I couldn’t find it fast enough. So anyway, this is another thing that I might make a separate video about, but I will tell you about it very quickly. This is pretty interesting. So we got in touch with a company that’s going to be renovating this fairly high-end apartment building or set of buildings, Windsor at Broadway Station. They’re gonna be doing this over the next two years, taking out about four to five of these apartments a week. So we got in touch with them, and we’re gonna do a trial run this week with just one apartment to kind of see how it goes for everybody. But if we give them the go on this, we’re gonna have a lot coming throughs so if anybody is looking for some decent quality cabinets on a strict budget, this is perfect. There are appliances as well. The appliances are a little bit up in the air, but you can see, that they’re decent appliances, black. They’re nothing high end or anything, but it sounds like they’re definitely serviceable. We’re gonna be looking to sell the whole suite of those for just $499. I gotta sell it at a price that’s worth it for us to do the work, but also at a price that is low enough that they keep moving fast, because these are coming in every week, if we do it. I can’t have all this stuff sitting around. I don’t want our our shop to become overrun with these older appliances. So if you know anybody that’s in the market for appliances like this, maybe anybody doing rentals, fix and flip guys working on entry-level houses, or anybody working on a slim budget, we could get you some pretty affordable stuff. We’re going be looking at doing these apartments at $950 each. For that you’re gonna be getting the whole kitchen, all the cabinets, the granite countertops and probably a vanity or two as well. Here’s a vanity. And then you see that there’s some kitchens with this natural maple, too. There’s a vanity there. And I think these are one or two bedroom apartments, so they would have one or two vanities, I would imagine. And those just have laminate counters, but that’s good considering that they’ll be easy to remove and be ready to go. And then the kitchens have granite countertops. So I really want to get a feel for who’s interested in that, because if we don’t get enough interest, we’re just gonna tell them, “Sorry, this isn’t going to work.” So if this looks like a possibility to you, let me know, please, so that we can we can get a gauge of how many people would be interested in this and decide if it’s something that we really want to tackle or not.

All right, I know I want a little bit long, but had a lot of different things to talk to you about. As always, we appreciate your business. Let us know if there’s any way that we can help. And hopefully we find your kitchen soon.

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