New Website, Business Updates, and Current and Incoming Used Kitchens and Cabinets! | 6/27/2019

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be releasing another post, and it has been a very long time since we’ve made one of these. I apologize for that, but we are knee deep into summer and we’ve been getting a ton done over here. I know a lot of you haven’t seen that since most of our changes have been internal, but a lot of things have changed.

One of the main ones you’ll notice is our website- this is one of the changes that we’re still working on, and there a couple of reasons for it. First, with school going on all last year, there were a lot of things that we weren’t doing very efficiently, and with me getting involved this summer we needed to set up a lot of things to be done the right way. One example of this- We’re working on helping you on a more personal level, to find the kitchen that you’re looking for. A lot of you are looking for a specific thing and want to know if a set will fit for you, we are a lot better equipped to help you out there. Another example- I wanted to open up a marketplace to help you guys buy and sell your own things through our platform. Our passion is to recycle nice stuff- We mainly focus on kitchens, but a fair number of customers are doing massive remodels or even building a home. If we can help you guys get the materials that you need for as cheap as possible, and help you guys sell the stuff you don’t need anymore to make a little extra money, that would be great, and we’re looking forward to getting that system set up really soon. Those both are still in the works, but our new platform helps give the ability to makes those happen.

We have a new organization system for our team, and we also have a new system for Ben’s Community for you guys to interact with within the website. I know that a lot of you have been signing up for that and there’s not a lot there right now, and I apologize for that, but I’m planning on getting it done soon. We’ve made it a long way, and it’s a really exciting change and accomplishment.

A couple of new features with our new website- You’ll notice that we’re now getting a lot of our sets for sale while they are still installed in the house. We post the uninstall date on every ad since there were a couple of you wondering when a set would actually be coming as well. Also, for many sets, we can set up an appointment for you to go check out the set while it is still installed. We would like to start selling things while they’re still installed for a couple of reasons- For the homeowner- They can receive their money right away, they normally get a higher percentage while its still installed, for us- We don’t have to move things around as much, which means a lot less liability, and for the customer- The things are getting moved around less, which means things have less chance of being damaged or broken in any way. We’ve found that we can get in contact with a company even a few months before a set is coming out, and it allows us to have way more sets up for sale at once- instead of our usual 8-10 kitchens up for sale, we now have 20! There’s a lot to choose from at any given time, and it makes it so much easier for you to find the kitchen of your dreams.

Also, on every ad, we’ve added its SKU. We have been using this system internally for a while now, but we would now like you guys to refer to any set you’re interested in by its SKU code- “A6” or “B8” or whatever it is. This helps get rid of a lot of confusion since we have a lot of similar titles for sets and similar prices.

We’re doing really well getting a lot of new sets in, but we’re looking to get rid of a bunch of the ones we have in right now as fast as possible as well.

One more thing we need to mention about the website is the two different tabs on each ad, which we’ve had some questions on already. One tab is called “Description” and gives you all the info and sizes for that set, and then the other one is “Image Gallery” and shows you all the rest of the pictures we have for that set.

One quick thing to mention- if you’re concerned that a kitchen isn’t going to fit with the included pieces, we know a lot of custom kitchen companies in the area that would be able to make something work for you if you can’t get it through the manufacturer themselves, and that can really open up the options for you guys.

We’re now going to start going through the sets-

Starting with the Brand New Kitchen Package (A6). This set looks just like the sort of sets they’re putting in homes on HGTV! The two-tone cabinets are pretty popular, quartz tops are super popular right now, giant islands are extremely popular, and the sort of dull bronze hardware is back in. It’s got a bunch of stainless awesome appliances, and we managed to get all the countertops out intact, which I was pumped about. Side note- we’ve been doing a lot better lately about getting the countertops out cleanly, but don’t expect it all the time since there are some times where it just doesn’t work. But back to the set- it’s a beautiful set that we recently dropped the price on, since the homeowners decided to use a cash-out option instead of consignment, and that means I have money invested in the set, and we need to get that money reinvested into the business and sell this set as quickly as we can.

Now quickly on to the Gigantic Dark Cherry (Orange 95). This came out of an 8 million dollar house in Evergreen, which was built by the grandson of the namesake of Mt. Evans, which is pretty crazy. The house was always a secondary home, which means the kitchen was hardly ever touched and was insanely custom. There’s some intricate detail in the molding, rope accents in the trim, and a super cool two-sided drawer base in the island. The set is huge and one of a kind, and it hurts me to sell it so cheap, but the value you’re getting for the set is just through the roof.

We have a couple of sets that are coming in pretty soon, like the Shaker Maple (B5) and the Dark-Cherry Maple Cabinets (E2). The Dark-Cherry has a bunch of cool looking cabinets and two corner cabinets. There are some amazing pantry cabinets and a custom island. The Shaker Maple has a big island, super modern design, appliances included, and nice countertops as well. The Knotty Alder (C4) that has super nice counters that we can hopefully get out for you, seeded glass uppers, and a white island, and is just overall a really beautiful set.

Another one that I’m surprised hasn’t sold yet is the Gigantic Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Set (B1). It’s currently in the shop and is a huge cherry set in amazing condition. It has dovetailed drawers and a couple of appliances, currently at $4500. As you guys know, cherry is one of my favorites and I would love to see it installed somewhere. Next to it, we have the Large Dark Cherry Kitchen (E5), that also has some appliances, laundry cabinets, and vanities. Then we have the Cherry Kitchen with Rollout Trays (D1) that is an absolutely huge set, and it’s taking up nearly an entire wall at the shop! It’s an absolute bargain at the price it’s at for the number of cabinets that you’re getting. Then we have the Shaker Style Cherry Kitchen (D5). We have half of these cabinets right now, but the rest are coming in about halfway through July. We’re hoping to sell the set before the rest come out or soon after, and it’s in really good condition, it has dovetailed drawers, a big pantry cabinet with rollouts, and it’s a really nice set. We have some interest in the two Mahogany maple sets, (C8) + (D6), both at $2650 and so you can understand why we need the SKU system to get rid of the confusion when talking about different sets. Both are good sized sets with some add-ons and would make great kitchens for somebody looking for that style.

We have the Brand New Antiqued Laundry Room set (Z2), which isn’t meant just for a laundry room, but could easily be in a kitchen since the laundry room the set came out of was the size of most people’s kitchens. The pantry does need a little work, but the set is amazing. We have some barely used appliances for sale (Blue 99) bundling together a bunch of really nice, sought after appliances for you guys.

We also have a few smaller sets for you guys, like this Caramel Raised Panel Maple (B2), which is going to have the appliances sold separately, since dropping the price too low would be kind of ridiculous, especially with the super awesome fridge. There is a corner sink, but don’t be too scared about it, since another cabinet can easily be used for the sink base. We also have a crazy Showroom Copper Vent Hood (B9), which the showroom was trying to sell for $6,000. We also have a ton of super-budget sets for really cheap that might need some hardware and/or paint, but would be great options for pretty much anywhere, and could be great options for pretty much anywhere.

We have an absolute ton of great sets for you guys, let us know if you have any questions about anything and we’ll definitely help you out. We’re super thankful for your business. We’ll see you later!