Our New Auction System- What Sets Are Available Right Now? | 7/2/2019

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you guys a little update on the used kitchen cabinets that we have on auction right now! The auctions will be ending Wednesday, July 3, but I just wanted to give you guys a quick little idea of what we’ve got.

Let’s just walk through the actual bidding process first. You’ll see on these new auction ads that we have a little different layout than the normal ads, as there is a “current bid” area and a little box where you can place your next bid. We have the bid increments set to $100 right now, but you can of course go higher than that. You’ll also see a new tab under the main picture called “Auction history”. Here you can see the previous bids of everyone who has bid on the recycled kitchen cabinets. We also still have the “Image Gallery” tab where you can see all the other pictures that we have of the cabinets besides that one main picture.

Now to the first set, the Wood-Mode Mahogany Cabinets (B3). These are really nice cabinets. They do have some wear and tear, and I guess that the hardware is hurting the value a little bit, but that’s easy to switch out, and even the color isn’t too hard to change since there are so many people looking to paint anyway. If you change those things, or even just the hardware, you have a completely different kitchen. The cabinets are by far the best quality in the four sets we have up for set. They’re Wood-Mode cabinets, which means they are built very well. They have a lot of upgrades and are just good cabinets. The inset design the cabinets have is a really desirable look right now. There are also some black appliances that we throw in as well, and the drawers are even dovetailed. The insides are nice and clean now in the shop, and we’ve touched up the outsides too. and there are pullouts as well. The pantry has 6 large rollout trays inside, which would be great for organizing food or other things in there. It’s a large set- There’s a bar area, a desk area, a number of glass uppers with mullions, and even if the set doesn’t fit exactly for you, it can help you find a cabinet company around here to get an extra piece or two for you, or you could even go through the manufacturer themselves.

Our second set is the Frameless Oak Kitchen Cabinet Set (Pink 93). We definitely didn’t do ourselves any favors with the pictures here, but this would be a great set for someone on a budget. It would work great for a little basement apartment, or maybe even a laundry or craft room, or a rental. They’d work in a shop or a garage, and the starting bid is just $50. It’s definitely worth more than that, and it’s a full kitchen’s worth of cabinets that you can get for a great price. We’ve got a lazy susan cabinet, a drawer base and a cabinet for the pans, and a sink base as well. So yeah, just some really great used cabinets for someone on a really strict budget.

Next is the Recessed Panel Oak Kitchen (C5). This is a nice set that gives you so much to work with. It’s a really large set with tall uppers, some cool cabinets like the two with rounded edges, flat panel design, light oak color for those of you who want to make the space brighter, and it’s a great option for painting, like the rest of these sets. We’ve got some nice little drawers, a good sized drawer base, a counter top piece and the couple appliances that come with it as well. There are about 25 pieces with this set, it gives you a lot of options for places to put it, like the previous one.

Now to the final used cabinet set we have on auction, the Natural Maple Shaker (E4). I know that the white shaker is still really in right now, so this is a great candidate for painting again. It’s very budget friendly, as it’s currently at $200, and if you just clean up the insides a little bit and give it a new paint job then this could be a very great option for any of you looking for that modern look. You’ve got some good sized uppers, a good sized drawer base, ad there are also 3 pantry cabinets with this set. I think that’s awesome, and it gives you a bunch of options just right there. There’s also this professional range, which gives the set more worth just by itself.

So, thanks for going through this all with me, and I hope you guys really check out these four used kitchen cabinet sets! Happy bidding!