Price Drops, Upgrades, and Showroom Sets! | Ben’s Updates 7/3

Hey, everybody, this is Ben again from Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. We haven’t sent out one of these updates in a while, but I wanted to do that again because we have a ton of new stock in the shop. We have a lot of ads going up, and I’m dropping some prices on some things to help us clear a little space as well since we always have new sets coming in. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about some of these things we have for you, so here we go!

Up first is a bathroom vanity and a couple of cabinets around a fireplace and mantel area.

Those two come from an uninstall we’re doing this coming Monday, July 6, where we already sold the kitchen but have these other items we ‘ll get if we have a buyer for them. If we don’t have a buyer by Monday, we’ll probably just leave these behind. We also dropped the prices on both of those things to try and give it one last chance.

You can see that the vanity is really amazing, even from just the one photo we have of it.

It has really nice detailing, and just look at the ornate nature of those pillars on the side, the furniture legs, the faces of the cabinets, the inset design, it’s definitely a high-end piece. We just dropped that down to $795.

For the fireplace set, you have the big mantelpiece, the fireplace itself, the mantel all around it, and the piece going all the way up to the ceiling. We also have the cabinets to the right of the fireplace, and it’s a really nice setup, especially for any of you out there who might be building your own homes.

For any of you who are looking for a lot of cabinets on a budget, it doesn’t get better than this maple set that is up next!

This is a huge set, and we just dropped the price more, with it now at $1695. This just happens to be taking up a lot of space in the shop, and for the price, it’s really not worth it for me to have it when there’s other stuff that could be there. What you don’t really see in the photos is that there are a lot of granite tops that go with this too, black Ubatuba slab granite, a couple of sinks and kitchen lighting, and a huge number of cabinets. For $1695, this is a sweet deal on some very serviceable cabinets. They’re natural maple shaker, with a great, clean look, and would be great for paint as well. There are some vanities with it too, and it’s quite the package deal to get on a budget.

We also have a couple of Jenn-Air appliances.

Jenn-Air is a fairly high-end brand, kind of like Bosch – definitely not your entry-level brand but not quite up there with Wolf or Subzero. We have this package with the double oven and the gas cooktop. They are used, but they’re in great condition. We dropped the price down to $1995, which is about 35% of what these cost new! They have a ton of life left, and it’s a really nice deal on some very nice appliances.

On to the brand-new Merillat cabinets!

We actually unboxed these ourselves! There are two cabinet doors that have hardware holes in them, and I’m guessing those came from the homeowners putting some hardware in to see what it would look like, but for whatever reason, they didn’t use this set. The nice thing about them being brand new is that they’re in great condition, and you could pretty easily order more cabinets from Merillat. There’s a ton of flexibility, and you can customize it to your needs. It’s a good-sized kitchen with some vanity cabinets and a great start to a nice kitchen on a budget. We just moved that one down to $3495.

The last two kitchens we’re going to talk about we just got in recently, but they’re so amazing. Both are showroom sets but were just sitting around in storage for years. They’re really high-end sets, probably about $20,000+ worth. We’re selling them for about a fourth of the retail price. 

The first one is A17, the two-tone shaker bases with the white flat panel euro-style uppers.

These cabinets have all the bells and whistles. There are a couple of uppers, and they have two different types of lift-up doors, and the other doors are push-open, so you don’t need any hardware. There is also a bunch of open shelving with the set too that matches the bases. The rim around the uppers also matches the bases, so it really ties it in together nicely. Then we have the pantry cabinets. One pantry has a huge slideout piece for tons of storage. The bases have a bunch of upgrades, like dovetailed drawers, soft-close drawer glides, a base with three beefy rollout trays, and a lazy susan corner. The blind corner cabinet has the shelves that rotate all the way out, for no wasted space in that corner area, which is really cool. Then we have the other base with the rollout tray on the bottom and the shelf that pops up for a mixer or something really heavy so it’s just automatically at working level when you open up your cabinet, and you never have to lift it yourself! There are a couple more drawer bases there as well, one with huge drawers for larger items, and one with a five drawer stack for your smaller items, which is pretty rare to see. The set has so much going for it, and for anyone looking for a modern look, this is a great option.

The last one is A16, my personal favorite since it happens to be kind of my style.

I love the dark cabinets, the color and the detailing are just gorgeous. These are made by Diamond Cabinetry, another high-end, showroom set. The cream cabinets off to the left were actually an island. We have them set up as a buffet area there, which it could be used as, but the uppers were actually used as bases for the island. There’s also the table piece with the cream-colored legs, which was attached and used with that island. There are some granite tops we’re going to include with it that came from a different set but complement this set pretty nicely. It’s a nice little bonus if you can find a way to make use of that material. The cream cabinets have a beautiful glazing on them, they’re antiqued, and look awesome. The detailing on all these doors is really special: some nice mitered doors, the rope accent on the crown molding, the mullions in the glass doors, the birdcage pewter hardware, dovetailed drawers, soft-close drawer glides, a number of nice beefy rollout trays, the base cabinet with some wicker baskets, lazy susan with big carousels, an appliance garage under the corner upper, a built-in organizer for all your utensils, some nice beefy drawers, a cutting board, double trash can pull-out, and just so many upgrades and all the bells and whistles on this set. That’s one of the nice things about showroom sets – since they want to show you what they can get you in new cabinets, they put in everything. Like I said before, we’re selling it for about a fourth of the value, at $5500.

Everything I talked about is in the shop right now, and please let us know if we can help you out with anything! We’d love to help you with your remodeling project. As always, we appreciate your business! Thank you!