Espresso Abbey


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This set is being uninstalled the first week of November, and an appointment can be made to see the set in-home while still installed.



A really nice set of espresso cabinets, with rollout trays in the bases! We’ve got salvageable slab granite countertops, as well as a gas cooktop. The sink bowl will be included as well,  should it come out without cracking, but the faucet won’t be included, since it’s a pretty high-end one. There are some thin areas in the countertops which will be especially difficult to remove intact, but we’ve worked with this type of countertop before and it should go smoothly. There are tall uppers, two corner base cabinets, a lazy susan, which is always nice to have, oversized brushed nickel appliances pulls on the cabinets which really compliment the espresso look well, and its overall just a great package with a great modern look.



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