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    Crystal Cecilia

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    SKU: C19b

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    This set will be uninstalled on February 24.

    This is the second of the displays we’re getting from this showroom, and it’s coming out pretty soon, so you might want to snatch this up before it’s in our shop! It’s a display, so might not work perfectly for everyone, but it’s only five years old, and there’s almost no wear created in a showroom environment of course, so the set is in incredible condition. It would work great for a basement kitchen or little bar area, or to fill up a little add-on apartment area or something.

    The set has softclose, dovetailed, and full extension drawers (we’re not sure about the doors), and it’s in great condition, with only a couple tiny little dings and scratches that could be fixed up very easily. There’s the beautiful contrast between the light slate gray and white/cream cabinets, and the countertop we’ll hopefully get out mixes those colors together very nicely. There are upgrades everywhere – the uppers sit right on the countertop, and there’s a spice rack on the door of one, and the other upper itself is a big pullout, which is a pretty amazing feature. In between those are frosted-glass-paneled uppers that have lift-up doors. That hardware is very pricey, but makes it so the things you store inside are really easy to access. The beverage fridge to the right of the sink base is not included, but any standard 24″ appliance like a dishwasher could be placed there. There are drawers under the sink, which is really cool, because that means there must be a cut-out to fit the plumbing in there. The contrasting gray base has rollout trays as well, and the sink and faucet setup is neat, and creates a very trendy look.

    Overall, just a nice piece for an area where it can just plug into, and a super sweet set of showroom cabinets.

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    Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you.

    Not sure how it will fit in your kitchen? Visit our Design Help page to get ideas of how a set can work in your space.

    Have questions about this product? Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you.

    Not sure how it will fit in your kitchen? Visit our Design Help page to get ideas of how a set can work in your space.


    All sizes are listed in inches and in (Width x Depth x Height) format.

    Base Cabinets

    • 24 x 24 x 34.5 – one drawer, one door with rollout shelves
    • 27 x 24 x 25 – two drawers
    • 27 x 24 x 25 – two drawers

    Wall Cabinets

    • 18 x 15 x 60 – one door
    • 33 x 12 x 18 – one tip-up glass door (Blum Movento mechanism)
    • 33 x 12 x 18 – one lift-up glass door (Blum Movento mechanism)
    • 18 x 15 x 60 – one pull-out pantry door


    • Some small scratches (see photos)
    • On one door, there is a line that looks like the door panel shifted (see photo)


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