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      Clarksville Cassandra

      MSRP: $45,000.00


      Taxes and handling included

      SKU: G36-CO

      SKU: G36-CO

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      • Popular Shaker Style
      • Soft close drawers and doors
      • Lots of cabinets to work with
      • 2 Bathroom Vanities
      • Glass accent Cabinets


      This Rockglen Cabinetry set is in a Shaker style door with a stylish cherry wood finish. The extra wide rails and stiles on the doors have coordinating stiles and thinner rails on the drawers. These used kitchen cabinets feature stacked glass cabinets with finished interiors and an additional full glass accent cabinet. There is a raised bar eating area and bookcase unit making for a distinctive and functional island. This set also includes a master bathroom vanity along with a second bathroom vanity. Additional specialty cabinets include a microwave base cabinet, trash pull out, and roll outs to create an ease of access.

      The drawers have dovetail drawer construction with undermount soft close full extension glides and soft close doors.

      What’s Included: All cabinets listed (28 in total).

      Condition: Cabinets are in good condition with several signs of wear.

      Availability: This kitchen is due to be removed at the end of May

      Countertop Disclaimer:

      ***Unless otherwise noted, no countertops are available.***


      All sizes are listed in inches and in (Width x Height x Depth) format.


      Base Cabinets

      1 B 30 X 34.5 X 24 – Microwave/1DRW
      2 B 26 X 34.5 X 24 – 3DRW
      3 B 18 X 34.5  X 24 – 1DRW/1DR (double trash pull-out)
      4 B 36 X 34.5  X 24 – 2FF/2DR (sink)
      5 B 32 X 34.5  X 24 – 1DRW/2DR (rollout)
      6 B 18 X 34.5  X 24 – 1DRW/1DR (rollout)
      7 B 15 X 34.5  X 24 – 4DRW

      Wall Cabinets

      8   W 36 X 42 X 12 – 4DR (2 glass)
      9   W 18 X 42 X 12 – 2 DR (1 glass)
      10 W 18 X 42 X 12 – 2 DR (1 glass)
      11  W 36 X 42 X 12 – 4DR (2 glass)
      12 W 39 X 42 X 12 – 2DR (glass)
      13 W 36 X 22.5 X 26 – 2DR (fridge with vertical pan organizer)

      Island (Overall countertop: 156 x 64.5)
      14 B 33 X 34.5 X 24 – 3DRW
      15 B 15 X 34.5 X 24 – 4DRW
      16 B 36 X 34.5 X 12 – open shelves
      17  B 15 X 34.5 X 12 – 1FHD
      18 B 36 X 34.5 X 9 – 2FHD
      19 B 33 X 34.5 X 12 – 2FHD


      Vanity #1 – Master
      (Overall: 89 x 22.5)

      Base Cabinets

      20 B 12 X 26.5 X 21 – 3DRW
      21  B 21 X 26.5 X 21 – 1FHD (sink)
      22 B 18 X 26.5 X 21 – 3DRW
      23 B 21 X 26.5 X 21 – 1FHD (sink)
      24 B 12 X 26.5 X 21 – 3DRW

      Vanity – #2

      Base Cabinets

      25 B 33 X 34.75 X 18 – 2FF/2DRW/2DR (sink)
      26 B 33 X 34.75 X 18 – 2FF/2DRW/2DR (sink)

      Wall Cabinets

      27 W 17.5 X 32.5 X 4.5 – 1DR (medicine cabinet)
      28 W 17.5 X 32.5 X 4.5 – 1DR (medicine cabinet)


      Several signs of wear


      • 1. Understand that a newly uninstalled kitchen doesn’t look its best. As we know from lots of experience, once you get it unpacked and cleaned up it will start coming back to life.
      • 2. Please note that the sets we have in stock are often still installed in the original owner’s home. Please check each ad for the set’s location.
      • 3. Uninstall dates can change. Due to factors out of our control, we can be forced to push back the uninstall date. It’s important to keep this in mind as you are planning your project.
      • 4. Cabinet measurements provided by Ben’s team are acquired to the best of our knowledge, but it’s up to the buyer to verify these measurements.
      • 5. We will store your set for free in our shop for a week. Please contact us as soon as possible after purchase to set up your pick up/delivery, or let us know if you need more time and we can work something out. You can find more information here.
      • 6. We offer delivery, but within a limited range. Please contact us either before or after purchasing your set to set up delivery. We have also worked with customers to ship long-distance, even out of state, so please contact us if that is of interest to you.
      • 7. Please note we are not able to test appliances, although we generally don’t accept them if the owner says they are not working. Please contact us if an appliance you purchased doesn’t work, and we can reimburse you the value of that appliance within the set. Note: Often ads state that the appliances are included for free, which would mean that no refund will be issued if they are found to not be working.
      • 8. Please see any included trim that comes with your set as a free bonus. Making matching trim pieces isn’t usually very difficult and is often necessary.
      • 9. When countertops are removed, base cabinet supports are often broken due to the way the countertop has been glued to them. Please expect repair for some of these support pieces.
      • 10. Our cabinet sets are used products that will likely require some repairs or touch-up work before they will be ready for your kitchen. For visual fixes, sometimes it makes the most sense to get the cabinets installed and then do any necessary work after they’re all in place.
      • 11. Make sure that a kitchen is what you’re looking for before finalizing a purchase. If you would like to return a set you have purchased, please contact us. Do not expect to be fully reimbursed and understand that under certain circumstances a refund might not be an option.