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    Cornerstone Cairo

    MSRP: $50,000.00


    In stock  •   SKU: D26

    SKU: D26


    This Greenwood Village home had a total of more than 150 individual cabinets so we have decided to package them into three manageable sets. This set features cabinets from the main kitchen, butler pantry and desk area (45 in total), the master bath (10 in total), the main floor powder room’s freestanding furniture piece and four wall cabinets (with drawers) from two secondary powder rooms (5 in total). NOTE: Although the vanity cabinets are standard vanity depth at 21”, they are “kitchen height” at 35” and could easily be incorporated into your kitchen layout. 

    Now that the stage is set, the original maker of these cabinets is no longer producing cabinets. And as with any great artist, when they’re no longer producing their art, the value of their existing work is appreciated all the more. The home and cabinets were built 20 years ago, but suffice to say, these cabinets should serve you well for another 20 years. 

    The dovetailed cabinet drawer boxes made of solid cherry wood. Unheard of from mass produced cabinet companies. And while side-mounted drawer glides were still very much accepted 20 years ago (and even today), there’s no denying the overall quality of the craftsmanship. There are aftermarket soft-close drawer and soft-close door adapters should you wish to update to this feature. 


    Available: This set is available to see in-shop now. Countertop island made it but that is all. 

    What’s Included: All cabinetry as pictured (60 in total), salvageable solid surface countertops*. NOTE: The hood surround and tile backsplash in the kitchen and baths cannot be salvaged, as well as the wooden soffits above the master bath wall cabinets, and therefore are not included. 

    ***Countertop Disclaimer: While Ben’s makes every attempt to remove countertops without damage, there are many variables that put this operation at risk; therefore, Ben’s cannot guarantee the removal of countertops without the risk of some breakage. This is why we do not factor countertops into the pricing of our cabinet packages. Likewise, it’s also possible that some base and tall cabinets would sustain some damage, but rarely enough to render them unusable***  

    Condition: Excellent. (There is a crack on one drawer face of one cabinet.)

    Construction: Frameless full overlay, 5-piece mitered door and drawers, dovetailed solid cherry wood drawer boxes with side-mounted drawer glides. There are easily installed aftermarket soft-close drawer and soft-close door adapters should you wish to update to this feature. 

    Additional Features: Kitchen: Single trash pull-out, Roll-out shelves, Corner base Lazy-susan, Corner wall Lazy-susan, Base tray dividers. Master bath: Pull-out ironing board from top drawer of a base cabinet. 

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    Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you.

    Not sure how it will fit in your kitchen? Visit our Design Help page to get ideas of how a set can work in your space.

    Have questions about this product? Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you.

    Not sure how it will fit in your kitchen? Visit our Design Help page to get ideas of how a set can work in your space.


    Cabinet types show as follows: # (1, 2, 3...) = Piece SKU Number | B=Base, D=Desk, V=Vanity, W=Wall, T=Tall. The cabinet called 1 B2434.524; therefore, is piece number 1, is a Base cabinet at 24"W x 34.5"H x 24" D. Cabinet configurations appear as a suffix to the cabinet type and size and show as follows: B2434.524-2DR1DRW (is a two-door, 1 drawer base cabinet) or -1DR1DRW (which has 1 door, 1 drawer). Or B2434.524-4DRW (has 4 drawers). Additional Codes: ROS=Roll-out shelves; FHD=Full Height Door, TD=Tray Divider; FF=False (Drawer) Front


    Base Cabinets

    • 1 B17x28.5×24 – 2DRW (desk)
    • 2 B36x3.75×24 – 2DRW (desk)
    • 3 B17x28.5×24 – 2DRW (desk)
    • 4 B20x35x24 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 5 B28.5x35x24 – 3DRW
    • 6 B20x35x24 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 7 B13x35x24 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 8 B18x35x24 – 1FHD (rollouts)
    • 9 B27x35x24 – 1FF/2DR
    • 10 B38x35x24 – 3DRW
    • 11 B42.753524 – 2DRW/2DR (rollouts)
    • 12 B15x35x24 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 13 B38x35x24 – 1DRW (tip-out)/2DR (sink)
    • 14 B15x35x24 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 15 B29x35x24 – 3DRW
    • 16 B46x35x24 – 3DRW (1tip-out) (cooktop)
    • 17 B29x35x24 – 3DRW
    • 18 B36x35x36 – 1FHD (L shaped corner)
    • 19 B14.5x35x24 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 20 B25x35x24 – 2FHD (rollouts)

    Wall Cabinets

    • 21 W17x42x12 – 1DR
    • 22 W36x36x12 – 2DR
    • 23 W36x7.75×12 – letter cubbies
    • 24 W17x42x12 – 1DR
    • 25 W20x54x12 – 1D (glass)/1DRW
    • 26 W28.5×35.75×12 – 2DR
    • 27 W20x54x12 – 1DR (glass)/1DRW
    • 28 W32x36x12 – 2DR
    • 29 W32x36x12 – 2DR
    • 30 W32x36x12 – 2DR
    • 31 W38x59x22 – 4DR/2DRW
    • 32 W30.5x36x12 – 2DR
    • 33 W30.5x36x12 – 2DR
    • 34 W21x54x12 – 1DR/2DRW
    • 35 W21x54x12 – 1DR/2DRW
    • 36 W16x36x12 – 1DR
    • 37 W243x6x24 – 1DR (angled corner)
    • 38 W26.5x36x12 – 2DR/microwave
    • 39 W25x59x22 – 2DR/1DRW
    • 40 W48x10x24 – 2DR (fridge)

    Tall Cabinets

    • 41 T33x94.5×24 – 2DR (wall oven, warming drawer)
    • 42 T24x90x24 – 4DR (2 glass) (clipped corner)

    Island (Overall: 128 X 80)

    • 43 B40.5x35x24 – 1DRW (tip-out)/2DR (sink)
    • 44 B28x35x24 – 3DRW
    • 45 B28x35x24 – 3DRW


    Vanity Master #1

    Base Cabinets

    • 46 B20x35x21 – 3DWR
    • 47 B30x35x21 – 1FF2DR
    • 48 B20x35x21 – 3DWR

    Wall Cabinets

    • 49 W14x42x10 – 1DWR/1DR
    • 50 W14x42x10 – 1DWR/1DR


    • 51 Marble top – 72.5 x 23.5


    Vanity Master #2

    Base Cabinets

    • 52 B18x35x21 – 3DWR
    • 54 B30x35x21 – 1FF2DR
    • 55 B18x35x21 – 3DWR

    Wall Cabinets

    • 56 W12x42x10 – 1DWR/1DR
    • 57 W12x42x10 – 1DWR/1DR


    • 58 Marble top – 69 x 23.5


    Vanity #8 (Basement Powder)

    Wall Cabinets

    • 59 W16x47.5×13.5 – 1DRW/1DR
    • 60 W16x47.5×13.5 – 1DRW/1DR


    Vanity #10 (Small Bath Behind Kitchen)

    Wall Cabinets

    • 61 W13.75x48x14 – 1DWR/1DR
    • 62 W13.75x48x14 – 1DWR/1DR

    Vanity #11 

    Base Cabinet

    •  63 B51x34.5×21 – 1FF/8DWR/2DR




    • Kitchen
      • 1 drawer face is cracked (see photo)
    • Master Vanity #1
      • Drawer stained (see photo)
      • Under sink has a patch (see photo)
      • Wear mark near one knob
    • Master Vanity #2
      • Wear mark near one knob (see photo)
      • One end of drawer front with ironing board needs to be reinforced


    • 1. Sets are often still installed in homes and may not be located at our shop. Uninstall dates can change. Due to Covid-19 and other factors out of our control, we can be forced to pushed back the uninstall date. It’s important to keep this in mind as you are planning your project.
    • 2. Measurements provided are to the best of our knowledge, we recommend for the buyer to get exact measurements for themselves.
    • 3. If a set is in our shop, you have one week of free storage and then we will charge a storage fee until you pickup your item. You can find more information here.
    • 4. We do offer delivery for a fee and within a certain radius. You can find more information about our delivery here.
    • 5. The price for the kitchen sets are almost based exclusively on the cabinets and appliances (if included). We cannot guarantee the countertops. If the countertops are in very large pieces, we will most likely make a cut in the countertop so it is a manageable size to move and isn’t a safety hazard for our team or you.
    • 6. Please note we are not able to test appliances, although we generally don’t accept them if the owner says they are not working. Please contact us if an appliance you purchased doesn’t work.
    • 7. Our cabinet sets are used products that will likely require some minor repairs in order for them to be ready to be used in your home.
    • 8. If you purchase a set, you acknowledge you have read the full product description, listened to the audio included with the set information, and understand fully what you are getting.
    • 9. In general, if you would like to return a set you have purchased, we can give you 75% of the cost that we are able to resell the set for. If the set was purchased and has already been received, we may not be able to issue a refund and return the set.