New World Millworks Set and Island

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This cabinet and island set was manufactured by New World Millworks in Castle Rock. Some of the features of the set include dovetailed drawers, rollout trays, and softclose drawers. Note that neither the doors or rollout trays are softclose.


All sizes are listed in inches and in (Width x Depth x Height) format.

  • 20×19.5×28 one drawer rollout tray
  • 20×19.5×28 one drawer rollout tray
  • 20x20x28 three drawer
  • 27.5x14x28 triangular corner
  • 27.5x14x28 triangular corner
  • 27.5x14x28 triangular back
Tall Cabinets:
  • 41.25x20x70.5 four door
  • 20x20x70.5 two door
  • 20x20x70.5 two door
  • 20x20x70.5 two door
  • 20.5x20x70.5 two door

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