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      Remington Rosette

      MSRP: $19,980.00


      Taxes and handling included

      SKU: H18-CO

      SKU: H18-CO

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      These beautifully crafted used kitchen cabinets are from Scroll in a two-tone finish.  The main cabinetry is in a natural maple tone with a medium rich brown island.   The full overlay cabinets feature a detailed raised panel door and drawer faces with an interior and exterior single bead edge profile on the rails and stiles.  The faces have a mortise and tenon construction and the drawers have undermount full extension drawer glides and dovetail construction.  This set has some unique cabinets.  A full drawer base with three roll outs, a two drawer and one door base cabinet, a professional range top base with two large drawers with double face details, a tambor corner appliance garage, a diagonal large lazy Suzan base cabinet, double oven cabinet, and an increased depth microwave upper cabinet.  In addition, several of the base cabinets have double roll outs and an upper cabinet features a spice organizer swing out and tilt out trays in the two sink base cabinets. 


      What’s Included: All cabinets listed (20 in total), and 1 appliance. (Frigidaire Gallery Double Wall Oven

      Condition: Cabinets in the perimeter (light wood) are in excellent condition. Cabinets in the island (dark wood) are in very good condition with some signs of wear.

      Availability: This set is available for pickup or delivery now in Loveland, CO.

      Note: Due to age/condition of the appliance they are NOT factored into our price, but are included with the set for free.

      Appliance Disclaimer:

      **If an appliance was not factored into the price (as often happens due to age/condition), then no refund will be issued if they are found to be non-working. If an appliance was factored into the price and it’s found to be non-working, then we will refund you the value of that piece within the purchase price, not the replacement cost.**

      Countertop Disclaimer:

      ***Unless otherwise noted, no countertops are available.***  


      All sizes are listed in inches and in (Width x Height x Depth) format.


      Base Cabinets

      1 • B 21 X 34.5 X 24 – 3DRW
      2 • B 21 X 34.5 X 24 – 3DRW
      3 • B 33 X 34.5 X 24 – 1DRW (tip out)/2DR (sink)
      4 • B 15 X 34.5 X 24 – 1DRW /1DR
      5 • B 36 X 28.5 X 24 – 2DR (range top)
      6 • B 24 X 34.5 X 24 – 1DRW/1DR
      7 • B 36 X 34.5 X 36 – 1FHD (angled corner w/ lazy Susan)
      8 • B 36 X 34.5 X 24 – 2DRW/2DR (rollouts)
      9 • B 18 X 34.5 X 24 – 2DRW/1DR

      Wall Cabinets

      10 • W 21 X 36 X 12 – 1DR
      11 • W 29.5 X 60 X 29.5 – 2DR/1DR (appliance garage/angled corner)
      12 • W 27 X 30 X 21 – 2DR/open
      13 • W 36 X 30 X 12 – 2DR

      Tall Cabinets

      14 • T 33 X 84 X 24 – open/double wall oven/1DRW

      Island 5

      • Overall countertop: 65 x 40
      15 • B 30 X 34.5 X 24 – 1DRW (tip-out)/2DR (sink)
      16 • B 15 X 34.5 X 24 – 1DRW/1DR (rollouts)
      17 • B 9 X 34.5 X 24 – 1FHD
      18 • B 27 X 34.5 X 24 – open shelves
      19 • B 27 X 34.5 X 24 – open shelves

      Desk Area

      Base Cabinets

      20 • B 27 X 4.5 X 21 – 1DRW


      21 • Double wall oven: Frigidaire Gallery – 30 x 50

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      These items can be directly purchased here through our website, or, if you would like to take a look at the items before purchasing them, you can do so by visiting our shop. Unless we do not yet have the set at our showroom, these items and others can be seen at our showroom from 10 AM to 3 PM on weekdays. We do have the ability to deliver these items, and please contact us after purchasing any items to schedule pickup or delivery. If you are purchasing items online please keep your location in mind as we can deliver within 80 miles of our shop, and if you are outside of this range, you will have to pick up the items yourself. We can hold the items for a week for free, but after that we charge $29.99 a week to store the set for you. Delivery prices will be calculated according to the size of your items and your location.


      Unfortunately, we cannot piece out sets, but every product must be purchased as pictured.

      It is almost impossible to salvage countertops without incurring any damage, so if they are available, we include them with the set free of charge.

      Please note that we are not able to test appliances, although we generally don’t accept them if the owner says they are not working. Please contact us if an appliance you purchased doesn’t work.