Shaker Apartment Cabinets + Appliances

NOTE: The pictures show two of the sets in the apartment building, so they do not show the exact set you will receive. However, all of the sets in the apartments were manufactured by the same company, so the cabinets themselves will look the same. Keep in mind that there are multiple kitchen layouts other than the two pictured available, and the cabinets pictured are also available in a natural maple finish.  To see higher quality pictures of the cabinets, including the different layouts and finishes, click here. Read below for more info.

The luxury apartment complex Windsor at Broadway Station in Denver is remodeling their apartments, and we have a deal with the contractors to recycle all of the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and vanities. We will be receiving around four of these sets every week, with each set containing 9-10 cabinets and 1-2 vanities plus countertops. The cabinets are shaker style and will be available in either the pictured mahogany-finish or natural maple. When we start getting the sets in we will update this page with the number we have available of each finish. Each cabinet set will be sold for $895, with an additional $450 if you want the appliances. This is a great option if you need to furnish a large space on a tight budget since you can buy multiple sets with the same design and same finish. You can purchase the appliances (Fridge, Microwave, Dishwasher, Range) with the cabinets for $450, otherwise we will be selling the appliance sets from each kitchen separately.

As stated in the note above, the images show only two of the layouts in the apartment building. But the cabinets are available in several layouts besides the two pictured, and they are available in both the pictured mahogany-finish and in natural maple. You can view high quality pictures of the different layouts and finishes of cabinets on Windsor at Broadway Station’s website here. There are pictures on that page showing both finish styles as well as several different kitchen layouts.

The $895 price includes the pictured kitchen cabinets, vanities, and countertops (no appliances), but you can purchase the appliances with the cabinets for an additional $450.

The gallery and videos below show two of the different kitchen layouts available.

Please leave your name and email to let us know if you would be interested in one of these sets now or in the future so we can get an idea for how much demand there will be.

If you have any questions about the set, leave them in the discussions tab, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Be sure to check the box if you want to be notified of replies.


These items can be directly purchased here through our website, or, if you would like to take a look at the items before purchasing them, you can do so by visiting our shop. Unless we do not yet have the set at our showroom, these items and others can be seen from 3:45 PM to 5:30 PM on weekdays and from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturdays. We are not open on Sundays. 

We do have the ability to deliver these items, and please contact us after purchasing any items to schedule pickup or delivery. If you are purchasing items online, please keep your location in mind, as we can deliver within 80 miles of our shop, and if you are outside of this range, you will have to pick up the items yourself. We can hold the items for a week for free, but after that we charge $29.99 a week to store the set for you.  Delivery prices will be calculated according to the size of your items and your location.


Unfortunately, we cannot piece out sets, but every product must be purchased as pictured.

It is almost impossible to salvage countertops without incurring any damage, so if they are available, we include them with the set free of charge.

Please note that we are not able to test appliances, although we generally don’t accept them if the owner says they are not working. Please contact us if an appliance you purchased doesn’t work.