Used Kitchen Cabinets Repurposed into Your Dream Kitchen

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Why choose used kitchen cabinets?

You’re ready to start your kitchen remodel project, now it’s time to make some decisions. Do you go with new, or does buying used make more sense?

If you’ve ever shopped for kitchen cabinets, you know how expensive they can be. Many homeowners are excited to plan a kitchen remodel only to be shocked by the cost. Typically, the reason for the sky-high cost of the project is the cabinets. 

Kitchen cabinets may be up to half of the cost of your kitchen project. Why? It’s the materials used to build the cabinets. If adding upgrades like slide-outs, unique fixtures and organizers, the price could climb higher. 

Now, you’re probably starting to realize installing used kitchen cabinets offers the huge benefit of getting more for your money. 

At Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry we enjoy finding used kitchen cabinets that meet our customer’s style and budget requirements. We partner with individuals and businesses  that recognize the benefits of providing high-quality used kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances to homeowners. 

If looking for a particular style your choices may be limited. In most cases, the high cost of new kitchen cabinets limits options, including designs and colors.

Once the decision is made to update the kitchen, you don’t want to lack style because of budget, so considering buying used kitchen cabinets may be a smart alternative. 

Homeowners on tight budgets understand the advantages of opting to install used cabinets. Their kitchen upgrade results in a clean, updated look while scoring value by saving money.

Another reason to choose used- Green Renovations

Achieving a high-end, stylish look while saving money is not the only reason to go with repurposed cabinets. 

Many people are eco-friendly and prefer “green renovations,” or completing renovation projects wasting as little materials as possible. Doing this is great for the environment, and it keeps perfectly usable items out of landfills. 

Lisa O'Dwyer

Fitting your GREEN Needs!

I help buyers and sellers with real estate in Northern Colorado, and since I have the green designation from the National Association of Realtors, I really like to help green-minded people to buy and sell real estate. I feel that some realtors don’t see the value in recycling, or maybe don’t know the value of solar panels, so they’re not able to help clients who have that kind of mindset.

There’s no doubt repurposed kitchen cabinetry has a positive impact on the environment. Choosing to recycle used kitchen cabinets is a great way to conserve resources and materials. 

Eco-friendliness is a trend that will never go away. 

What to consider when installing repurposed kitchen cabinets

So, the research is complete and you’ve decided to install repurposed kitchen cabinets. Whether to save money or help the environment, choosing used kitchen cabinets is best for you. 

If you are a DIY person, you know installing kitchen cabinets is not one style fits all. Other than styles and colors, you must consider space and functionality. 

One mistake often made is buying cabinets based solely on appearance. Don’t search for kitchen cabinetry before measuring to determine how each item will be laid out. Finding the perfect setup without making calculations may result in wasted time and money. 

Repurposed Cabinetry

Building a home or planning to?

We love working with people like you who are building homes or completing DIY kitchen remodeling projects. We want to help, not only with finding the cabinets but by sharing the experience of such an awesome experience.

How much storage space do I need?

The kitchen is a high-traffic area, so it should complement the rest of your home.

When it’s time to consider cabinets, find cabinetry that best fits your kitchen.

Clutter is not stylish, so consider creative ways to conserve space, regardless of square footage. 


  • How deep should cabinets be? Depending on location, you’ll want 12-24″ deep. 
  • What’s the best cabinet width? Remember, the wider the cabinet, the wider the door, which mean more space. Cabinet widths can be up to 48″ wide. 
  • How tall should the cabinets be? Some cabinets may be up to 96″ tall.

There are other important considerations, but once the measurements and the extent of the remodel are known, things begin to get easier. 

Brookhaven cabinets

Divine BrookHaven Dahlia

No matter how large your remodel, we find the repurposed kitchen cabinetry that fits.

What are some popular kitchen cabinet styles?

If you’ve been looking for the right kitchen cabinets to fit your budget, style and functionality, you may find choosing overwhelming.

Some of the most popular style options fall into three categories: modern, traditional and contemporary. 

Modern-style designs mean different things to different people. In general, if you prefer a look more contemporary than traditional, you should consider going modern.

Modern designs can include glass, metal, and plastic. Modern kitchen cabinets feature flat slab doors with no excessive details which can flaunt a more spacious and airy feel. Modern kitchen cabinets are a great accent to kitchens with lots of windows, as well as few. 

Traditional-style cabinets are among the most popular designs because of features like raised panels, beadboard details and are often rendered in dark woods or painted in neutral colors. 

Traditional kitchen cabinets never go out of style because they add charm and character.

Contemporary-style kitchen cabinets display a sleek yet bold look. By nature, contemporary designed cabinets give a streamlined and clean look. These type cabinets generally have flat surfaces and little decorated accents.

Consider going contemporary if your kitchen is small or has tight spaces. 

Recycled kitchen cabinets

We find high-quality kitchen cabinets in all styles.

Our kitchen sell pretty quick, be sure to join our community to stay in the know about new items.

Do I need a designer for a kitchen remodel?

Once you’ve decided to move forward on your kitchen remodel project, another decision to be made is whether or not to hire a designer. It’s true, designers have the expertise and offer valuable input to help with the complications of kitchen remodels. However, if you’re on a tight budget, hiring a designer may not be a cost you can afford to add. 

If you love DIY-style projects and have an eye for style and design, you don’t necessarily need a designer. But, there are also reasons to hire a pro. 

Hiring a professional designer means getting help with designs, layouts, smart storage and ergonomic features, to name a few. Designers can also advise on materials, appliances and work with suppliers to make sure the project goes as planned, both efficiently and cost-effectively. 

We can help find the perfect used kitchen cabinets, repurposed into your dream kitchen.

We’ve partnered with new customer cabinet companies, contractors, kitchen designers, realtors and homeowners to keep high-end materials out of the dump and get them into the hands of average, hard-working Americans who can cherish them for decades to come.