Seth Hoadly: Cabinet Refinishing, Custom Kitchen Islands, Live Edge Shelving!

Seth Hoadly: Cabinet Refinishing, Custom Kitchen Islands, Live Edge Shelving!

My name is Seth Hoadley, and my main business is refinishing kitchen cabinets. We also build custom islands and live-edge shelves, and I also build repurposed furniture.

Lots of people have nice cabinets, they just don’t like the color or the door style and don’t want to spend $10,000 putting a new kitchen in. I give them the option of just changing the color because a lot of times that’s all they want, they just want a different look, or they want it to look a little more modern.

And I love that, it’s a fraction of what new would cost. They can retain the quality of the cabinet and get a new look. So that’s pretty much what I do.

The process looks like this. When I come into the home, we first discuss the needs; we look at the used kitchen cabinets and the condition that they’re in. We discuss any repair that might need to be made. So, then we do a product opening cost, I take account of all the doors, the drawers and that helps me create a quote.

Once that’s all established, I come into the home, and I then number each and every door and drawer, and that makes sure that they go back exactly the way they came from. At that time I take all the doors down and take it back to the shop. I clean them, using an agent that pulls all that grease out that just occurs from normal use. Then I sand the cabinets after they’re cleaned, prime them, sand them again and then add two coats of finish paint, whatever color they decide. Once that is all finished, I come into the home and do the same process.

Everything in the home gets covered with paper, drop cloths, or plastic in the kitchen; the floors, countertops, the walls, everything. And so, everything is cleaned, sanded, primed, sanded again and then painted, with two coats of paint. Once that’s all finished, the toe kicks are done, the cabinets are painted, the next available day I come in and reinstall all the doors that are already pre-finished. I then make any adjustments that need to be made, we inspect the job, and I replace all bumper pads from the doors to keep the doors from slamming. After inspection’s done, if the customer likes it, we just sign off and I invoice them.

I think what sets me apart is that I’m a finisher first, business-person second; this is how I make my living and I’ve done it for a long time. I have 15 plus years of experience doing what I do, with all different types of styles and materials. I’ve seen a lot of different trends and try to replicate almost anything that you might want.

I also try to do it for a fair price. Part of the business is to make money, but I also want people happy and give them what they want. That’s the main thing I want them to have at the end of the day, the feeling that they got a good price and excellent quality.

With a small shop customer experience is number one. I’m a single parent, and I have a small business which allows us to keep our cost down.

I think I’d offer a discount or add-ons to Ben’s Program members. One big thing in kitchen refinishing is the toe kick; it gets beat up pretty bad. It’s not a ton of work to replace the toe kick, so I’d be willing to replace the toe kicks of the kitchen included with the refinish.

On product such as like custom islands I’d be willing to do a discount of maybe 10% discount or something like upgrad the hinges on the island from a standard hinge to a soft close hinge.