Transporting Your Kitchen

Once you purchase your cabinets, how do you get them? Below, you’ll find a few options:


We invite all of our used kitchen cabinet buyers to just drive to Loveland, CO and pickup your new kitchen from our warehouse.

We frequently have customers, from all over the country, make the trek out here. We’re located right at the foothills of the Rockies, which makes for an easy vacation up into the mountains, and we’re also a short distance from Denver if that’s more of your thing. Once here, our team will get you loaded and on the road home!


If you’re not interested in driving, or timing just doesn’t allow it, don’t worry. WE SHIP!

We work with a 3rd party logistics company, that has the ability to ship your newly bought cabinet anywhere in the lower 48 states! Check out the graphic below to see our shipping estimates for different regions of the country.

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