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Used Kitchen Cabinets, Countertops & Appliances

We recycle beautiful used kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances. 

We are proud to partner with new custom cabinet companies, contractors, kitchen designers, and realtors to offer a vast selection of products to homeowners who are looking to expand their scope of possibilities and purchase quality over price. We help customers accomplish their kitchen remodel and updating vision by offering the best used kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances that are available.  

Our goal is to give every-day Americans, like us, their dream kitchen on the budget they can afford while reducing the number of valuable and recyclable materials that end up wasted in landfills.


We are unique, different from other typical cabinet companies. We partner with individuals and business to find and obtain kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances removed from high-end homes. We make them available to people like you who are building a new home or remodeling their current home.  
 It’s important to know that we simply find these high-quality items, it is up to you to make sure the cabinets will work for you, and fit in the space available.
Visit our site for in-depth details, pictures, features, sizes and defects. You may also come visit our showroom.

There are four reasons:

Saving money. Quality cabinets can be very expensive. Buying from us allows you to get high-quality products with prices ranging between 10-35% off the cost of new.

High-Quality. We accept on the best quality products. Most of our items have been used for years, so rest assured the cabinets you buy from us, will last for years to come.

Eco-Friendly. Many beautiful, durable and quality cabinets are thrown away because no one has time to deal with them. We keep them out of dumpsters and landfills. We resell them to those who want to create the kitchen of their dreams, that otherwise may not be able to afford.

Sense of Fulfillment. Our slogan is Kitchens with a Story. Many of our customers are DIYers, they design their own kitchen and figure out how to make a used cabinet look beautiful and work for their style. The result it more meaningful, it’s the story of where the kitchens came from and the process of making it work. There is also the great sense of pride of ownership and satisfaction.

Typically, we don’t split up sets; the kitchens are sold as packages. It’s beneficial to buy a set that is bigger than you need because you’ll want to have as many options as possible when designing the set to fit your space.

We Offer Quality Products

Each year millions of people renovate and update their kitchens, and they depend on us to find them quality, used kitchen cabinets, countertops and appliances at affordable prices. We’ve partnered with  some of the best companies to offer you high- quality products. We can make this all happen for you at a tiny fraction of these prices.

We Are Truly Unique

We are the ONLY store around offering high-end, used kitchens cabinets. With prices ranging between 10- 35% the cost of new, now you have plenty of options. Open the door to new possibilities because you’ll be shocked when you see what we’ve found for you!

We Are Eco-Friendly

Like you, being environmentally conscious is important to us. We’ve partnered with other amazing businesses to make sure any used kitchen cabinets and appliances don’t go to waste.  Not only do you get the excitement of landing a killer deal; you also have the satisfaction of knowing your kitchen was built from recycled materials. What a great feeling!

We Find Quality Used Kitchen Cabinetry with you in Mind

The affordable appliances and used kitchen cabinets we find are perfect for the creative and resourceful homeowner who chooses to customize their DIY home projects. 

Our selections offer unique finds like the rustic appeal of Amber Alder cabinetry and the modern feel of a wonderful White Crystal cabinet finish that are sure to make the kitchen the best room in the house.

Our discount cabinets often sell in as little as 24 hours, so get a head start on some amazing deals by signing up to receive an email that includes our new inventory. 

Showcase Amber Alder

Showcase Amber Alder

This gorgeous collection of cabinetry is sure to make your kitchen the best room in the house! It includes cabinetry from the kitchen, island, butler's pantry, desk setup and mudroom.

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