Calling All Vintage Metal Cabinet Collectors!

We have a huge lot of 1960s Geneva brand metal cabinet sets becoming available!

Our metal cabinets came from a 14-story apartment complex built in Denver, Colorado, in 1966. The first people to use these cabinets were city firefighters and their families who called the apartments home. In the decades after World War II, America was putting a lot of its steel production efforts toward making home goods, including, you guessed it, cabinets. But metal cabinets like these only dominated the market over wood ones for a very short period of time. You’ll notice the finish on these Genevas is more textured than glossy, a result of metal cabinet designers trying to compete with the warmer tones of their wood cabinet competition.

One of the coolest things about these cabinet sets is that many of them have been used very little over the years and are, overall, in very good condition, still holding the pastel colors that were so popular of their era. (Note: If you wish to change the color, you can! There are many resources out there with tips for refinishing metal cabinets.) Many of these sets feature original Frigidaire ranges, bases with roll-out trays, and uppers with metal rack shelving. 

Our favorite part about this find is that you can choose from complete cabinet sets, versus searching multiple sources and finding a few pieces here and there.

Become the owner of vintage Geneva metal cabinets straight out of a 1960s family kitchen!

There are some complications with purchase price and the sets, but Ben explains it all to you quick in this audio bit, so please check it out before you buy!