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Our Kitchens Tell A Different Story...

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Don’t Despair, Here Pre-owned Dream Kitchens Are 60—90% Off EVERY DAY

Remodeling your kitchen or building a new one is something you’ve looked forward to for years. You’ve saved. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get started. But there’s one thing holding you back. If shopping for new cabinets is leaving you disgusted and sticker-shocked, then you’re in the right place.

To learn more about us and why we’re so passionate about finding new homes for second-hand cabinets, click here!

Ben started this business when he and his wife remodeled their kitchen and saw how expensive and cheaply made everything was. He stumbled upon some used, gorgeous cherry cabinets and started thinking: “I bet high-end materials like this are going to waste all the time!”

He was right. Can you believe that EVERY DAY cabinets with dovetail drawers, granite countertops, and Subzero fridges are ending up in the landfill? This is WRONG, and we’re determined to stop it once and for all.

Our team at Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry is here to help you find beautiful, gently used kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances that are a fraction the cost of buying new.

You won’t just find your dream kitchen, you’ll find a kitchen that tells a story your family can share for years to come.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The cabinets I purchased from Ben are fantastic. We haven’t installed them yet but had a great experience with him and his staff picking them up and loading. This is about our third house remodel and I will remember this in future projects.

Elaine Leibbrandt

We had a great experience with Ben and his workers! I was so glad a friend of mine introduced us to his company! Without Ben, there was no way we could afford brand new cabinets! With Ben, I got my dream kitchen and even had money left over to buy new appliances!! It was a win win for me and my family!! Thanks Ben!!

Miquela Otero

As a contractor Ben has helped us save money and time. He will come and remove the existing cabinets and will haul them away at no charge! If you are a contractor or homeowner I would recommend giving Ben a call.

G2 Built

Ben’s is really great at what they do! My whole kitchen was demoed and removed in 3 hours! No mess left behind at all. Highly recommend

Pat Long

This is an honest business. After I purchased my cabinet set, we noticed that there was some damage to the pantry and I was pissed. I felt like I had been tricked, so I contacted Ben to let him know and he hadn’t seen the damage I spoke of and ended up sending some cabinet makers out to repair said damage. They did a great job and it looks great now.

Alliene Gunn

Ben goes out of his way to keep high quality kitchen and bath cabinets and appliances out of our landfills and provides them at steep discounts to homeowners and landlords for kitchen and bath remodels. He removes unwanted cabinets up and down the Front Range area. He sells and offers delivery services to the same area. Super honest and easy to work with!

Carmen Griess

I bought a set of used cabinets from Ben’s. I got a great price for a complete set of kitchen cabinets. They were in great shape for what I have looked into in the past at other places. I had them installed in a rental home. With a little wood oil, they look almost brand new. My tenants were excited about their newly remodeled kitchen. This is an awesome experience with both the staff and their product.

Lyle Gardner

Great prices for quality cabinets and appliances. The owner is honest and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Squid Amigo

Very positive experience. Cabinets were picked up on schedule and Ben had a check out to me within two weeks. Recommend this business if you’re looking to buy it sell cabinets.

Barbara King

Ben’s business has a great business model and provides reclaimed high-end cabinets and appliances at a fraction of what they’d cost new. He’s an honest guy who will help you figure out how to get your project done. He sends out emails when he has new inventory, but be sure to act fast because the great stuff moves fast.

Laura Baldwin Stout

We recently had the pleasure of working with Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. This unique company provides excellent services, not only for homeowners but for business owners as well. We appreciate this opportunity you’ve brought us.

The Artisan Shop

Amazing customer service and incredibly knowledgeable- Ben was honest about the good and the bad and went the extra mile to help us find what we needed! Practically new cabinets for a fraction of the cost!

Danielle Buttke


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