Converting Your Gas Range to Propane

How it’s done and what you need to know before purchasing your second-hand stove

You’re interested in buying a recycled cabinet set with us, and you love the appliances that come with it.

There’s just one problem. The stove for your set is a gas range, and your home runs on propane. Is there a way to convert this gas stove into a propane unit?

This answer is: Absolutely!

Almost every stove can be converted from natural gas to propane.

We say *almost* because natural gas works on a lower pressure than propane, and there may be a few older or select models that won’t be able to handle the higher pressure of propane no matter what.

So to start, first contact the manufacturer or your local appliance technician with the make and model numbers of your stove. They’ll be able to tell you for certain whether the gas to propane conversion is 100% possible.

If it’s a go, then all it takes is buying a conversion kit and installing it yourself or having a professional install it for you.

The conversion kit will walk you through adjusting your burners, regulator, and settings to be propane friendly.

You’ll need less propane than natural gas to cook your food. The conversion kit will put in smaller orifices for your burners and make other minor adjustments, so you don’t end up burning your dinner.

If you were to buy a stove new, it would come with a conversion kit already.

Since you’re buying second-hand, you’ll have to buy the conversion kit separately.

Each stove will have a conversion kit that is specific to its make and model number. You can find these kits by searching online or at places like the Home Depot.

Or, we like to recommend calling an appliance technician that is local to you. If they don’t have the kit for your make and model on hand, they’ll more than likely be able to order it in.

You may be comfortable following the directions and installing the conversion kit yourself. If not, you can always have that local technician install it for you too.

A natural gas stove shouldn’t hold you back from buying the recycled cabinet and appliance set you’re after, even if you run on propane. To check out some of the recycled kitchens we have in stock right now, just click here!

Note: Gas to propane conversion kits almost always come taped to the back of a stove when bought new. We can double-check with the previous homeowner if the stove they’re getting rid of still has its conversion kit, too. Just send us a message!