3 Signs You’re Getting Fooled Into Buying Low-Quality Cabinets

When I think of quality, I think of my grandmother’s washing machine. Seriously! She’s 90 years old and has had the same washer since 1983. Why hasn’t she gotten a new one? Because hers still works perfectly, 37 years later! She owns a real treasure. It’s a product that has more than surpassed the test of time, and she can depend on it always to function and serve her well.

That’s the stuff we’re talking about when we say “quality” cabinets. Like us, we know your kitchen remodel is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you’ve saved for and dreamed of for a long time. You want your cabinets to be beautiful and durable to the wear and tear of daily use. 

There are plenty of suppliers out there claiming to be quality cabinetry, but if you want to weed through the fluff and make sure you aren’t getting duped into buying something that looks nice but won’t last, you’re in the right place. Here are 3 reasons why you might be getting fooled into purchasing low-quality cabinets (that your grandparents would NOT approve of ????).

1. You’re set on only one kind of material

“I’m interested in plywood cabinets only, not that particleboard junk.” Have you ever said that before? If you have, you are definitely not alone! We have seen plenty of people pass up quality cabinets removed from high-end homes simply because they were made of particleboard. It gets a bad name for being “flimsy” because, to be frank, some of it is. But, the same goes for plywood. It all depends on who made the cabinets and the quality of materials they use. When picking out your cabinets, don’t assume if they are made of plywood that they are automatically a superior product. Look into the manufacturer, the grade of materials they use, where they make their goods, and whether they stand by their construction with a lifetime warranty. If you want a deeper dive into how to spot quality cabinets, click here!

2. You’re looking at features vs. construction

If it has the newest features, it has to be good, right? Not necessarily! New features are lovely, and we recommend you consider them when cabinet shopping. But don’t assume modern features automatically equal a quality product. For example, older cabinets may not have soft-close hinges on their doors, but their doors have stood up to 10+ years of use. And a set of cabinets created by a thorough craftsman may not have pull-out drawers, but what those drawers do have is some sturdy joint construction that won’t break. Consider the features and the construction when cabinet shopping.

3. You assume new is always better

 Maybe you think us biased for saying this on a used cabinet website, but we stand by this claim 100% because we have seen it time and again. There are so many elite homes remodeling their kitchens every 10 or even 5 years that, because they didn’t know recycling them was an option, toss out their “old” cabinets. That’s where we come in to help you! We think it’s pretty exciting that you can get a kitchen that was originally $100,000 for much, much less. And while it’s not a brand-new kitchen, it is some of the best cabinetry out there, and it’s just waiting to be enjoyed in another home. When it comes to quality, maybe new isn’t always the best option. Maybe you can find a better-quality product using recycled cabinets for a way better deal than anything you were considering purchasing new!

We are always happy to answer any of your questions on buying used cabinets. Simply email us at ben@bensrepurposedcabinetry.com

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