9/17/2018 Update Video

Hey guys, this is Jed with  Ben's Repurposed Cabinetry, and here's a peek at our showroom. Right off the bat, we have a nice maple kitchen, it's pretty small, pretty affordable, and it comes with black appliances. 

Over here, we have a nice birch kitchen, lots of rollouts, sink base tip-out trays and these really neat rollouts down here on our blind corner. Yeah, just lots of rollouts, and it's a pretty solid kitchen for you. 

Next we've got a dark set, with a really dense counter top, and it just came out of a showroom in Denver. 

We have another maple set, with lazy susan, some rollouts, just a super big set. 

We also have a dark bamboo set, large set, with quite a few pieces, and stainless steel handles. It has this neat gliding thing with the doors, and it's really nice, and it also came from a showroom nearby. This set is $2,250, and is a beautiful kitchen.

Next we have a cherry island, really pretty, and it comes with a counter top, super cool with rollouts.

Well, I hope this gave you guys a little bit more information about our showroom, and thanks for your support!