How to Measure Your Kitchen

Joining Ben’s Community is a huge step towards finding your dream kitchen!

In order to unlock your community benefits (including exclusive access to new kitchens and free professional designs) we need information about the space we’re trying to fill. This can be daunting for customers, so we’ve created this page to help walk you through the process. 

As you go through the steps, use the image below for reference.
How to Measure Your Kitchen

Follow these basic steps to measure your kitchen:

1. Getting Ready

Plan about 30 minutes to create an accurate floor plan. Grab a tape measure, a sharp pencil, a few pieces of paper (see graph paper link below), a straight edge, and a partner. 

2. Draw the Shape

Take your piece of paper and draw out the shape of your kitchen. Remember to include all the walls that define your kitchen and any islands. 

3. Measure Each Wall  

Measure the length of each wall as precisely as you can to the 1/4″. Then add these measurements to your floor plan. 

4. Add the openings 

Measure the length of each wall as precisely as you can to the 1/4″. Then add these measurements to your floor plan. Measure the width of doors and windows. Measure the distance from the end of walls and corners to these openings. Also measure the distance between openings. If there is trim around the openings, measure to the OUTSIDE edges of the trim (see image). Add the measurements to your floor plan as you work around the room and label each opening “door” or “window”.
window measure

5. Include Utility Placement

Add where appliances and water lines are located on the floor plan. These may include range, sink, dishwasher (DW), refrigerator (fridge), cooktop (CT), wall oven (WO), and microwave (MW).

If you aren’t set on any exact locations for these items, that makes our life even easier! Just let us know! 

6. Create Your Final Draft 

After you’ve created your rough sketch, use your straight edge and sharp pencil to create a final draft that’s easy to read and understand. This step is crucial for our designers to be able to help you! 

7. Existing Space Pictures

Now that you’ve finished your drawing, please snap some ‘before’ pictures of your kitchen and send them as well. These can be emailed to or texted to 970-800-4056.

lt orange top edge

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns on how to measure your kitchen. We’re ready to help you in any way we can! Thanks!

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