How does this storage subscription work?

Our Weekly Storage Subscription Service

The first week of storage is free. After that, you will be charged a weekly fee for storage based on the number of items you have in storage. The fee break down is below:

How do payments work?

We take your payment at the beginning of every week that your set is stored (beginning week 2). Even if you pick up the set right at the beginning of the week or sometime in the middle of the week, we will still charge you for that full week. We do not charge for partial weeks.

When do you stop the payments?

Immediately after you pick your purchased set up from our site or we deliver your set, we will cancel your subscription. However, we ask that you check your bank account to make sure we’re not still charging you after you pick your set up. If an erroneous charge is processed, we will get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.