Navigating Our Website

Navigating Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry Website


The purpose of this article is to provide prospective used kitchen cabinet buyers with a full understanding of our website and how it works. With our business being such a new concept we understand that parts of the buying process may seem daunting and possibly confusing. Our buyers come from all over the country, many of which don’t have the luxury of seeing the cabinets in person before making their purchase. So with that in mind, our aim with our website is to give as much information as possible about our kitchen sets, to be as upfront as possible about any sort of defects, and in return empower our customers to purchase with the piece of mind that they’re getting a quality product.

Saturday’s with Ben’s at 9:00am MST

The first thing you’ll probably notice when viewing our website is the green banner at the top of the page that reads, “New Cabinets Live on Saturday at 9:00am MST…”, with the countdown timer following. This message is in regards to our Saturdays with Ben’s, our weekly update from Ben where he releases new sets, marks down current sets, and talks about anything new with Ben’s Repurposed Cabinetry. If you want to be alerted instantly click “Get Notified!” in the green banner and enter your information in the box that appears.

Shopping at Ben’s

To begin your shopping journey click on the orange Shop Now button in the top right corner of the webpage.

The Shop Page

The Shop page is the cornerstone to our website. Here you’ll see all of our current and past inventory starting with our newest kitchens and our newest sales. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the page numbers. You can navigate through the pages by either clicking on the corresponding number or the arrow to just go to the next page.
After making it through our current inventory you’ll move onto our past inventory, which will be marked by a green SOLD badge in the upper right hand corner of the listing. If you click on the listing it also won’t give you the option to “Buy Now”. We leave some of our sold sets on the website for inspiration and to show our potential customers the many different types and styles of kitchen packages we’ve offered. Our inventory is ever changing.
You’ll also notice, on each product listing, that there’s a location badge. These badges are more to show the various places that we acquire our kitchens and don’t necessarily reflect if that’s the current location or not. Many of them do read Loveland because they now reside in our warehouse until sold. We try to keep the badge as up to date as possible, however there definitely are times where it doesn’t get updated right away. If you have a certain set in mind please reach out to us and we will clarify the location.

Buy Instantly!

Back on the Shop page, you’ll notice that each available listing has an orange, “Buy Now”, button. If the listing does not have that button, then that kitchen is NOT available. If the listing does have the button then it IS available. Click on the button if you’re ready to purchase, and it’ll take you straight to the checkout. From there you’ll enter your billing information and card details to purchase. You’ll also have the option for shipping. Read our section about shipping for more details.

Parts of the Product Listing

The first part of the listing that you’ll see is the professional photos. You can navigate through these by either clicking on them individually or by using the arrows located on the left and right sides of the Photo Box. Use the arrows in the upper right corner of the Photo Box to make the photo Full Screen.
Then you’ll see the name of the set. The name plays an important part because it gives our customers a unique “identifier”, when referring to a particular set, rather than using a confusing SKU number. Below that is the MSRP, which is an estimate of what the set would cost if it were NEW. Ben’s price is located right below that and it includes all taxes and handling as well.
To the right you will see two more buttons, another orange “Buy Now” button and an “Inquire Now” button. The “Buy Now” is the same as before. It’ll take you directly to checkout. The “Inquire Now” button will bring up a box to send us a message directly. Use this for any questions you may have.
Tip for Checking Out: Call your bank ahead of time to ensure that you won’t reach your daily limit. When using our website it’s common for cards to be declined because the credit limit or daily limit has been reached. We’ve found a lot of people don’t even know about their daily limit until trying to purchase our sets. Usually a quick call to the bank or your financial institution fixes this problem. If your card doesn’t have enough credit then we can also split the purchase between two separate cards.

Product Listing

The product description will show all the specifics of the set, starting with the features, the general condition, and then what’s included. Below that you’ll find the availability. This will be very important as it’ll tell you if the set will work with your project’s current time frame.

Appliance Value

After the product specifics, you’ll see a note on whether the kitchen set you’re looking at has the appliances added into the retail price or if they’re included with the set at no charge. Many of our sets come with at least 1 or 2 appliances, but some come with as many as 9. These appliances can vary in age, style, and brand. Generally, your standard appliance brands, such as Kenmore or LG or Whirlpool, aren’t going to have a value tied with them. The reason being because there’s a lot of places to buy these types of used appliances, and they’re more liable to sustain damage. We add these to the kitchen package at NO CHARGE to the customer.
We also get many appliances packages from newer, professional quality brands such as Viking, Sub-Zero, or Miele. These types of appliances stand the test of time and therefore hold value. We determine a specific used value for each appliance, based on the type of appliance, the age, and what it costs to buy one new. That value is then added to our cabinet value for the total price that you see. What this means is that if for any reason the appliance isn’t functional after obtaining your new kitchen, we will refund you our value of the appliance.

Inventory List and Measurements

The last, and one of the most important, aspects of the product listing is the inventory list located at the bottom. Here you’ll find all the cabinets that come with the set and their sizes. You’ll want to use these measurements to configure your new kitchen.
Cabinet boxes are just that…BOXES. All measurements are in a Width x Height x Depth format. This means you can reorganize most boxes how you see fit. They don’t have to be in the same shape or even the same order as you may see in the photos. Create the kitchen YOU want!