Hickory Loch


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A brand new set of hickory kitchen cabinets that were misordered by the company and were given to us! We’re selling this set for 45% of the retail price! The set has some beautiful hardware that we installed ourselves, as well as plenty  of storage in the lazy susan corner base, pantry with shelves, and pantry with slides for rollout trays! We are supposed to have the pullouts to mount on the slides, but we do not have them in the shop quite yet. The slides are soft close, as well as the drawers.



All sizes are listed in inches and in (Width x Depth x Height) format.

Kitchen Cabinets

Base Cabinets

  • (2) 9 x 24 x 34.5 one door one drawer
  • 18 x 24 x 34.5 four drawer
  • 30 x 24 x 34.5 three drawer
  • 30 x 24 x 34.5 two door one drawer
  • 36 x 24 x 34.5 sink base
  • 29 x 29 x 34.5 lazy susan corner

Tall Cabinets

  • (2) 21 x 24 x 96 two door pantry



All of the items we sell are used and sold as is unless otherwise specified.

We cannot guarantee that the countertops will be uninstalled or transported without damage, so they are included with sets as a bonus in case you can make them work or have some other use for them.

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