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      Abounding Artisan SOLD 2/14/24

      MSRP: $40,000.00


      3.7% tax added at checkout

      SKU: N43

      SKU: N43


      Be sure to watch the videos for this Scavolini showroom display, so you can better see and understand all the awesome features here. Since this was purchased by a local cabinet company to advertise the product to their customers, it has every bell and whistle in the books. It doesn’t get much more modern than this! The gold trim really blends the matte black and white together with the upper cabinets beautifully. The set boasts a magic corner, a number of different lift-up door mechanisms, and some of the coolest pullouts and storage systems I’ve ever seen. In addition, we’ve thrown in a panel ready Sub Zero refrigerator and under counter refrigerator drawers. These appliances need new cords and bottom grates, but their retail value is about 15k and we thought they are probably exactly the kind of appliances someone would want in a kitchen like this, so hopefully you can make use of them.

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      • Note: since these are European cabinets, the measurements are all in cm. We did the best we could converting them to inches.

      Video of cabinet fronts HERE

      First video of cabinet interiors HERE

      Second video of cabinet interiors HERE


      • 1. We sell used products that are sold As Is and are not refundable. We go above and beyond to be completely transparent with you about the condition of each set so you can purchase with the confidence that you know what you’re getting.
      • 2. We will store your set for free for a week following your purchase. If a customer refuses to respond about the transportation plan for their items within a week of purchase, Ben’s will be forced to refund the customer 80% of their purchase price and resell the items. Our limited space means we can’t hold cabinets indefinitely for customers who are ignoring our messages about cabinet transportation. If you need to keep it with us longer, please understand that you will be charged a $30–90/week storage fee. We do this to encourage items to keep moving out of our precious space. Please see the cost breakdown for this below.
        • Average set (1–20 pieces) = $30/week storage fee after the first week
        • Large set (21–50 pieces) = $60/week storage fee after the first week
        • Massive set (51+ pieces) = $90/week storage fee after the first week
      • 3. Shipping charges are nonrefundable. We often don’t even make any money on these transactions, since we try to keep shipping costs down as much as possible for our customers.
      • 4. Keep in mind that cabinet backs and sometimes sides do have hole cutouts in them from their previous life. These holes generally won’t be noticeable when you have your cabinets filled, but just be aware that that’s part of purchasing used cabinets.
      • 5. Used sink base cabinet bottoms and backs are often so cut up and water damaged that they aren’t worth keeping. You can choose to replace these pieces or install the cabinet front without them.
      • 6. When countertops are removed, base cabinet supports are often broken due to the way the countertop was glued to them. Please expect repair for some of these supports.
      • 7. Cabinet measurements provided by Ben’s team are acquired to the best of our knowledge, but please understand there may be some inaccuracies here and there.
      • 8. Please see any included toe kick, crown molding, and other trim that comes with your set as a free bonus. Making matching trim pieces (and finished ends) isn’t usually very difficult and is often necessary.

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