What’s New at Ben’s? | 7/9/2019

Hey everybody, this is Ben again! I just wanted to go over some of the stock that we have this week, starting off with the auctions that we have running right now.

We had some auctions last week, and I think they went fairly well. The objective is to move some of these sets quickly that we’ve had sitting around for a little bit so we can make more space for new stuff we’re getting in, and we don’t have the luxury of waiting around for it to sell as we had wanted, necessarily. We just needed them out the door. We have both buildings- the storage barn and the showroom- completely full, so we really are maxed out. We also have a bunch of stuff available online that’s not even there yet, so we continue to need to move things.

We have some auctions running again to complete that purpose, and they end at 1:00 PM on Saturday the 13th. If we continue to do these auctions, which I am planning on doing, we will get on a schedule where auctions always end on Saturdays at that time.

We start with the Dark Oak Kitchen with Rollout Trays (D7). This is going to be a very affordable set of kitchen cabinets, they are older, and they could use a little refinishing or some painting. However, for someone who is willing to put in the work, this could be a very great option for someone who is on a really tight budget. When these were made, they were not super cheap cabinets. There are bases with rollout trays, and you can notice the full drawer front added to the front of those trays. There are tip out trays on the sink, there’s a lazy susan, and it’s really a set that’s put together nicely. There’s a wine rack, and some rotating shelves within the pantry to maximize the storage inside. As I like to say, the set has “good bones”. If someone is willing to refinish or paint the outside, it could be something really great.

Next, we have the Merillat Maple Kitchen w/ Rollout Trays and Vanity (A6a). There’s a lot going for this set because it has corner pieces, it’s a decent sized kitchen, and there’s a couple of appliances thrown in for good measure if you can make use of those. There’s a pantry cabinet, a double vanity, tall uppers, some really nice brushed nickel hardware, and it’s natural maple, which is a no frills, simple, good look that’s also paintable if you’re interested in doing that. The vanity is full height, so you could retrofit this to make it work in the kitchen, but you could have a section where the countertop isn’t as deep, or just have the normal cabinets installed a couple of inches off of the wall. But yeah, it’s a very serviceable set of maple kitchen cabinets for a decent sized kitchen. it’s very affordable, and if you would like to take a look at it here in our showroom, let us know and we can make some room for you guys to come and see it.

Although it was my main goal just to show you guys those two auction sets, I also want to talk about some of the other sets we have in stock.

We just took the price down on the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Mudroom Cherry Cabinets (D8) to below ten thousand. We’re working on this in the shop, and it is an absolutely massive set. They even managed to get the countertops out, and I really want to talk to you about these tops, since they’re really unique. I think they got them out pretty much without cracking, but there is a lot of really nice material here. The edge on the granite is extra thick, and it’s really cool. That slab is a really unique piece, and I think it adds a lot of value to the set. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten one quite like that. Its an absolutely beautiful set of cabinets with the slab granite countertops, and at still a pretty affordable price.

You’ve seen the Brand New Shaker Kitchen Package (A6), the Shaker Maple Kitchen Cabinet Set (B5), and the Gigantic Dark Cherry (Orange 95) all before, and we continue to take those prices down more and more. The Gigantic Dark Cherry just needs to find the right person, since it’s really a one of a kind, gorgeous set from an eight million dollar house, and just needs someone who can make it work.

The Antiqued Maple Kitchen, Laundry Room, Vanity, and Desk Cabinets (G6) just came in, I can’t believe the Gigantic Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Set (B1) is still around, at its price, its a huge cherry set that’s very high quality with a bunch of appliances. The Shaker-Style Natural Cherry Kitchen, Bar, Desk Area and Vanity (E7) is a large set with a full kitchen, and the countertops came out very well. The Dark Cherry Maple Cabinets (E2) with the black island is an absolutely gorgeous set that’s super high quality, and in very good condition on the interiors of those cabinets. It has to be around a seventy thousand dollar kitchen, and you’re getting it for nearly a tenth of the original price. Another new showroom display, the Brand New Softclose Distressed Alder Kitchen (G3), is top of the line stuff- since it’s a showroom, they want to show people what they could get them. It’s set up like a kitchen, you could retrofit one of the cabinets to be a sink base, and other cabinets could be added to the mix as well. That one, as well as the Mahogany Maple Kitchen (D6), are coming out very soon. The Knotty Birch Shaker-Style Kitchen (F7) is really nice, the Shaker Natural Maple Kitchen (F5) is nice as well, the Mahogany Maple Kitchen Cabinets (F9) is really great as well. So yeah, a lot of high-quality affordable sets in right now. We have a nice set of stainless steel appliances (Blue 99), and we are willing to sell the cabinets separate from the appliances on the Caramel raised Panel Maple Kitchen (B2). We have a massive island (G8) from the same showroom as the  Brand New Softclose Distressed Kitchen, a really nice vanity in the Espresso Oak Double Vanity (G2), and some of this other stuff we’ve seen before. So yeah some really nice sets of discount used cabinets.

One final thing- A preview of this new set we’re going to get an ad up for today that I think is really awesome. This kitchen is ready for ads, so keep a look out for it. I know that knotty alder is pretty popular right now, and its one of my personal favorites as well. So believe it or not, this kitchen was just put in, and now the owners want to completely redo it. The package comes with all the appliances you can see pictured, and its a total of close to 40 pieces. The granite countertops are gorgeous, and the set comes with all the right elements- corner cabinets, a giant island, a pantry with rollout trays, paneled fridge, pullouts, all soft-close, a seeded glass upper, a trash pullout, and really all the elements people are looking for in their next kitchen. This might be one that goes pretty quickly, and it looks like a kitchen someone might want to put in, definitely not take out. But that’s why we give everyone an opportunity here at Ben’s to recycle some of this beautiful stuff.

So let us know if you’re interested in any of this awesome stuff, and as always, we appreciate your business.